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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

this 'n that

eric cantor pulls an emily litella on health care repeal: never mind

sign the petition: tell the fcc to stop comcast from blocking netflix

the good ol' days: army court-martialed jackie robinson for not moving to the back of the bus

good ammunition for debating: the dummies' guide to climate science

and here's david zucker's inside look @ leslie nielsen
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One would have to be a dummy indeed to believe the simplistic propositions put forth on that site.

The idea that the Earth's atmosphere is the only difference between the Earth and the moon (insofar as temperature is concerned) is ludicrous.

The internal heat of the Earth, and the times and methods by which it reaches the crust may account for some of the regional warming that does occur. (Note that volcanic activity is not uncommmon under some of the world's largest icepacks while the moon has no known active volcanos.)

The Earth is inundated with liquid water (enough to cover the entire planet, but due to topography it only accounts for about 70% of the surface area) This liquid captures and retains a great deal of heat from above and below. The average ocean temperature is going down, not up, and is far more indicative of GLOBAL temperature shifts than most advocates are willing to discuss.

(The tendency of researchers to gather temperature readings largely in and near asphalt paved cities and relatively fewer readings from the much more numerous points on the globe that are oceanic should raise some questions about methodology.)

(Another methodological point, since the whole argument is concerned with the difference of a few degrees, is whether data from the early 20th century is as accurate as data from the era of advanced digital measurement in the latter part of the century, and whether both sets of data should be given equal weight.)
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