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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

podcasts i have known...or rather heard

i've been catching up on my podcasts of late. i haven't bothered downloading any music yet on my "newish" ipod, but rather have been enjoying some amazing podcasts. although i would love to, don't have enough time in the day to listen to every radio station everywhere trying to find some great shows.

a couple recent of note.

fresh air - terry gross interviews keith richards on his new book, "life"
in an interview on fresh air, richards recounts how he woke up just long enough to record the famous opening riff of "satisfaction" on a cassette player he'd placed next to his bed.
interviews with the filmmaker of client 9, the rise and fall of eliot spitzer.
fresh air with dave davies.
"it's hard to imagine that he didn't think he would get caught in some way," gibney tells fresh air's dave davies. "he knew very clearly that he had some very, very powerful enemies who wanted him to fall — and [paying for sex] was courting danger in the most extreme way possible."
and on all things considered
the filmmaker thinks spitzer underestimated the power of his enemies. "he had no friends," gibney says. "his style was so combative."with guy raz.
democracy now's amy goodman interviews john le carre.
in this rare us interview, le carré also discusses tony blair’s role in the iraq war, us policy toward iran, and international money laundering.

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