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Monday, November 29, 2010

the media = lapdogs to authority

an interesting commentary from the independent. although it speaks to the british press, i believe the same could be applied to the media in the u.s. as well.
...the mainstream media in the uk are serial offenders. newspapers that have no compunction about invasions of privacy or about shrill comment devote precious little time or energy to challenging authority through rigorous investigative journalism. most political "scoops" are merely stories planted by politicians on pliant lobby hacks. editors and senior journalists are habitually invited into mi5 and mi6 for briefings. these are affable occasions, often over lunch. there is no harm in that. what tends to happen, however, is that journalists are tickled pink by the attention. they love being invited to the "d-notice" committee to discuss how they can all behave "responsibly". it makes them feel important. many suspend their critical faculties as a result.

far from being "feral beasts", to use tony blair's phrase, the british media are overly respectful of authority. newspapers and broadcasters tend to be suspicious of those who do not play the game, people like mr assange who are awkward outsiders. some editors are quite happy to help the authorities in their denunciations of him, partly out of revenge for not being in his inner circle.
...once this latest flurry is over, prepare for the backlash. mr assange's industrial-scale leaking may lead to legislation in a number of countries that makes whistle-blowing harder than it already is. Perhaps the most curious aspect of the wikileaks revelations is not that they have happened, but it took someone as mercurial as mr assange to be the conduit. rather than throwing stones, newspapers should be asking themselves why they did not have the wherewithal to hold truth to power. - the independent

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Bartkid sez,

I watched a few minutes of Andrea Mitchell commenting on WikiLeaks on the NBC Nightly News. It has been more than a decade since I have watched any American network's early evening broadcast. This segment encouraged me to let it go for at least another decade.

And, I watched the Canadian Broadcasting Company's late evening news, The National.

I had little expections for NBC's coverage, but I was extremely disappointed in CBC's.

Both went on and on about how wrong it was for WikiLeaks to embarrass governments so.

It really is disappointing we have not see the likes of I. F. Stone around for two decades now.

Both broadcasts really needed to have someone shout what Izzy shouted, "Governments lie." And these lies need to be exposed.

The U.S. really does need to be punished for having its diplomats spy on U.N. representatives and workers.

This and most of the other revelations we mostly knew or guessed at already, but the worst was confirmation of this: The real world is just like high school, and all the petty gossip in these released cables revealed that the world's diplomats (male and female) are nothing more than glorified Gossip Girls and Mean Girls.
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