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skippy the bush kangaroo

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

go ahead, gop....

make this congresscritter's day. he dares you.
rep. gary ackerman of new york, a veteran liberal representing brooklyn, just issued a scary/hilarious dare to the conservative incoming house leaders who are "pledging" to repeal all of the federal health reform.

he's filing a series of bills during the lame duck session of congress, each intended to repeal a popular and consumer-protective portion of the federal patient protection act. the repeals will collectively be called the hipa-crit act.

“this will be the big chance for republicans to do what they’ve vowed to do,” said ackerman. “these bills will be their chance to at long last restore liberty and repeal the evil monster they’ve dubbed ‘obamacare.’”

...the first volley of hipa-crit is a bill, hr 6454, to repeal the ban on retroactive cancellation of health insurance policies when patients fall seriously ill, a practice known as rescission.

other bills will propose reinstating insurers' right to deny coverage to adults and children because of pre-existing conditions, removing the prohibition on annual and lifetime coverage caps and canceling a requirement that allows children to remain on the policies of their parents until age 26. - consumer watchdog

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