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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, November 14, 2010

frank rich asks the question

"who will stand up to the superrich?" the superrich aren't interested in creating jobs, or they would have created millions after the bush tax cuts went into affect the first time. the superrich aren't interested in inspiring those with big ideas and drive to reach to the top in a traditional, now altogether fictional, american business model. it's looking more and more like no one will have the spinal fortitude to even though our democracy and country depend upon people doing so.
“...that’s a good question, all right, but it’s not the question. the bigger issue is whether the country can afford the systemic damage being done by the ever-growing income inequality between the wealthiest americans and everyone else, whether poor, middle class or even rich. that burden is inflicted not just on the debt but on the very idea of america — our horatio alger faith in social mobility over plutocracy, our belief that our brand of can-do capitalism brings about innovation and growth, and our fundamental sense of fairness. incredibly, the top 1 percent of americans now have tax rates a third lower than the same top percentile had in 1970.

how can hedge-fund managers who are pulling down billions sometimes pay a lower tax rate than do their secretaries?” ask the political scientists jacob s. hacker (of yale) and paul pierson (university of california, berkeley) in their deservedly lauded new book, “winner-take-all politics.” if you want to cry real tears about the american dream — as opposed to the self-canonizing tears of john boehner — read this book and weep. the authors’ answer to that question and others amounts to a devastating indictment of both parties. - nytimes

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