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Sunday, November 28, 2010

environmental news stories sunday

for those little pesky important stories that won't be mentioned on the talking heads shows today.

houston, oil capital, takes steps toward green. - houston, the nation’s fourth-largest city and the sprawling capital of the oil industry, has recently embarked on a variety of green initiatives. houston is transforming itself into an electric-car hub, a national leader in wind-power investment and an advocate for energy efficiency - austin texas tribune

rain runoff crawls with bacteria; work to limit the sources. - we need to cut the amount of harmful bacteria that make their way to our creeks and streams. this means trying to cut down on pollution from sidewalks, roads, trash containers, and other exposed surfaces. reducing these non-point source of pollution requires personal responsibility. - ventura county star

perils of firefighting linger long after the blazes are out. - numerous studies have shown that firefighters have higher rates of cancer and other health problems, and at least one study has found that the highest cancer risk of all is testicular cancer - long beach press telegram

california recyclers find market for toxic trash. - five years after california launched an ambitious effort to control pollution from electronic waste, much of its e-waste is being shipped overseas, where it is contributing to a legacy of pollution and disease that would not be tolerated in this state - sacramento bee

lake invaders may be killing birds. - the hunt is on in the upper reaches of lake michigan to count what's believed to be thousands of bird carcasses that have washed ashore this fall — a staggering toll blamed on the disruptive powers of invasive species that have taken root in the great lakes - chicago tribune

atlantic ocean sharks get new protections. - international delegates saturday adopted new protections for seven species of shark in the atlantic ocean but rejected restrictions for bluefin tuna and swordfish, leaving the future of some of the world's most imperiled marine predators uncertain - washington post

when new hurricane protection levees settle, u.s. won't have to help pay repair costs. - congress will no longer require the federal government to help pay the cost of raising new hurricane levees when they subside, a rule change that flood managers in louisiana argue could make it impossible to properly maintain the new system now being built - nola times picayune

billionaire louis bacon battles to protect his ranch from big utilities' solar-power plans.
reclusive billionaire louis moore bacon is emerging from the shadows in a southern colorado showdown over solar-power transmission lines - denver post

bat genocide. - bats are crucial to ecosystems—devouring insects, dispersing seeds, and pollinating flowers. but in the u.s. an insidious new enemy, a fungus, is causing massive die-offs - national geographic magazine

a billion people will lose their homes due to climate change, says report. - devastating changes to sea levels, rainfall, water supplies, weather systems and crop yields are increasingly likely before the end of the century, scientists will warn tomorrow - london observer

an attack on the local food movement? - is the food safety modernization act now being debated in the Senate the death knell for vermont’s family farms, farmer’s markets, farm stands, csas and even your home garden? It depends on who you talk to - brattleboro reformer

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