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Friday, October 29, 2010

what can brown explode for you; or, when you absolutely, positively need to blow it up overnight

the overnight package delivery industry came to a virtual standstill today as several "suspicious" packages were discovered aboard various cargo planes. washpost:
president obama said friday that packages mailed from yemen and intercepted in the last 24 hours contained explosive material and represented a "credible terrorist threat." ...

the two packages were intercepted at different locations, one on a ups plane at the east midlands airport near nottingham, england, and the other at a fedex facility in dubai. officials provided no detail on the kind of explosives found.
one suspicious package, found in the united kingdom, contained a "manipulated" toner cartridge and had white powder on it as well as wires and a circuit board, a law enforcement source said.

"the size and shape of the printed circuit board are typical to a handset cell-phone-type device," said olivier clerc, the head of application engineering for a wireless phone parts manufacturer, who provided an analysis of the circuit board shown in a photograph obtained by cnn.

a similar package was discovered in dubai, in the united arab emirates, the law enforcement source said. sources in the uae described the package as an explosive device with "sophisticated" wiring. it is believed to be a printer, the sources said. the uae general authority of civil aviation issued a statement saying the package was to be shipped on a fedex cargo plane.

both packages were bound for the united states, "specifically two places of jewish worship in chicago," obama said.

"initial examination of those packages has determined they do apparently contain explosive material," he said...

a u.s. official said it is likely that the material used was petn -- a highly explosive organic compound belonging to the same chemical family as nitroglycerin -- but said testing is ongoing to reach a definitive conclusion.
there is various speculation as to whether this was an actual terrorist attack or a "dry" run, testing the boundaries of security parameters around the world.

also, the right wing is having an orgasm.
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