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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

we are so pooched

taking a one-a-day vitamin with minerals won't help us...because we're running out of a certain mineral essential to life.
a mineral not only essential to farming, but also to life on earth is running out, and scientists currently are at a loss as to what to do about it.

the mineral is phosphorus, which, as the london times reported two years ago, is being “mined, used and wasted as never before.”

to say that phosphorus is critical both to farming and life in general is no understatement. phosphorus serves a critical metabolic function in plants and animals, helping organisms store and use energy for growth and reproduction. without it, food production would be impossible.

phosphorus is equally as critical to humans, aiding both our metabolism, respiration and building strong bones.

“plants take it up, we ingest the plants or we ingest animals that ingest other plants,” says charles mitchell, an alabama cooperative extension system agronomist and auburn university professor of agronomy and soils who has followed the growing crisis for several years.

how serious is the phosphorus shortfall?

“there are estimates we have as little as 50 years left in the current phosphate mines,” says mitchell. - western farm press

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less of the rocket's red glare, more care may spare element P for liberty and justice for all
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Why yes, I would like a little A-1 sauces on that medium rare steak.

There is plenty of Phosphorous around, the Republicans just haven't figured out how to kill people and make a buck at the same time yet on it.

Love ya Jill,

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