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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

great moments in fact checking

betsy markey's opponent in the colorado rep. race puts up an ad that devastates her voting record...unfortunately, it's the record of the wrong person, rep. ed markey from massachusettes --
that's the new ad up from cd-4 gop candidate cory gardner, attacking incumbent betsy markey--one little, well actually not so little problem, is likely to see it pulled pretty quickly. betsy markey voted against the obama administration's 2010 budget along with a number of other "blue dogs," rep. ed markey (d-mass.) is the markey in congress who voted for the budget. rep. markey's (that is, betsy markey of colorado) release follows, says spokesman ben marter, "rep. gardner's new attack ad is lousy with the same already-debunked lies and misleading claims, but if there were degrees of 'false', this one takes the cake." and our favorite quote from the release: "colorado deserves better than gardner's half-baked hit jobs," added marter. "frankly, massachusetts deserves better too."
gee, mr. gardner, we looked under "m" for markey, whaddaya want fercryininthesink?

(see the original ad here)
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