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Friday, October 29, 2010

Just Out of Curiosity...

For anyone who didn't catch President Obama's recent appearance on The Daily Show, here it is:

We're all voting in a few days, and the way it looks now, the Democrats are going to take a beating -- the question is how bad of a beating it'll be. One way of figuring that out could be to get people's reactions to what Obama had to say to Jon Stewart and the rest of us.

Of course, another way would be to follow Chris Bowers' daily obsession with poll results over at the Great Orange Satan's place. Most likely, that might be the better way. But Bowers lost me permanently when he wrote... this.* And since then, his addiction to that brand of idealism that he likes to call progressivism has obviously gotten much worse. The hell with that, let's go with Jon Stewart this time -- he still has his sense of humor.

I'm interested in hearing what skippy's readers have to say about Obama's remarks. In the meantime, I'm withholding my own...**

(*: It still hurts my spirit to read that post three years later. It's not about Bowers, though, it's about me. To be what's called a progressive these days, you have to have a dose of fanaticism in you. I tried progressivism for a little while, but it turns out I don't have a single fanatical cell in my body. I'm oil and Bowers is water, I guess...)

(**: Then again, maybe not...)

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