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Thursday, October 28, 2010

is skippy getting smarter?

ooh, did we pull a boo-boo, or what?

in our clever, snarky way, we recently mentioned that ratings for both fox news and nascar were down double digits, and we labeled the post "is america getting smarter?"

several of our readers and friends pointed out that it was a false equivalency. personally, we just thought it was a joke, but our critics were absolutely correct, there is no reason or justification for assuming that nascar fans are a priori fox news watchers and visa versa.

we apologize for assuming, because when we assume, we make an ass out of us. or something.

so sean, kulkuri and jack k, you are absolutely right. (they also presented some cogent theories on why espn lost viewers for nascar.)
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This post points out a very real difference between liberal and conservative blogs. If this was a conservative blog, you would see sean, kulkuri, and jack k being ridiculed, called names, and being accused of being unamerican, rather than being apologized to.

Good post, Skippy!
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