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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

is america getting smarter?

probably not. but a couple of indicators might suggest that they're getting bored w/the "real murika" stuff, apparently:
fox news dominated the cable news landscape in third quarter of 2010 and had the top 11 programs in cable news for the month of september, though the network was down -21% in total viewers and down -26% in younger viewers compared to sept. 2009 (total day, mon-sun) - tvnewser
but wait, there's more!
nascar's chase for the sprint cup moved from abc to espn this year, but tv viewers haven't followed.

ratings for the first four chase races in 2010 were down 27 percent compared with last year. the decline is enough of a concern that top espn and nascar executives met in charlotte last weekend to come up with ways to reverse the trend.

it's a drop-off that has caught network and property executives off guard, and it has led them to analyze viewership patterns to pinpoint reasons for the decline.

as of last week, no one had a clear answer.

"the simple fact is that people just are not tuning in," said julie sobieski, espn's vice president of programming and acquisitions. "we're looking at everything to find out why." - nascar.com
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I'm more than a little uncomfortable with the notion or need to lump those who watch a particular type of sport with Fox viewers. I think I find it almost as distasteful as lumping all muslims in with terrorists. (Which shows you what I think of Fox.)

As for why NASCAR lost its viewers, is it really so hard to figure out that in this economic climate, your average person isn't coughing up more to expand their cable service?
commented by Anonymous sean, 7:28 PM PDT  
...skippy, ol' buddy, I have been a progressive voter for 40 years and a fan of all things automotive - particularly including NASCAR - for 50. I know the temptation is irresistible, but you might consider refraining from delving into those traditional lefty false equivalencies between auto racing and right wing politics/media/viewpoints. The stars of the sport are primarily from California, Nevada, Western Washington state, the upper MidWest, and New England. The odds are pretty good that one guy (from California) is going to win his fifth consecutive driver's championship. Toyota is a major player...

Could just be that the FAUX News viewers are the ones giving up on the NASCAR Sprint Cup...
commented by Blogger Jack K., 9:49 PM PDT  
I have to agree with those above in that I too like to watch NASCAR but never watch Faux Noise.

If ABC is wondering why the ratings are down, how about showing the races on ABC instead of reruns of Wipeout??? The only races ABC showed were the night races. When ABC/ESPN started showing NASCAR races this summer, I was only able to get ABC as I was using an antenna to recieve my TV signal. Therefore I was unable to watch the races on ESPN.

The main reason I watch is hopefully to see Jimmy Johnson or Jeff Gordon or both get a DNF.
commented by Blogger Kulkuri, 9:09 AM PDT  

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