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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

don't tread on me...but let me tread on you

as we mentioned earlier today in miscellany (below), a moveon.org member was beated and stomped on @ the kentucky senatorial debate yesterday. there has been much movement on the story since then:

greg sargent reports that the stomper has been identified as rand paul bourbon county coordinator tim profitt. the lexington police have released this statement:
today, october 26, 2010, detectives identified the suspect, involved in the assault, as tim profitt. mr. profitt is currently being served with a criminal summons ordering him to appear before a fayette county district court judge.
the washpost update reports that the paul campaign has fired profitt, even tho profitt has "apologized" for the incident.

tim profitt w/rand paul, in happier times

the moveon member, lauren valle, was hospitalized briefly, and released with diagnosis of a concussion and sprained arm.

lauren also expressed the view that the attack was premeditated.

here's more, different footage of the incident (including rand paul getting out of his car going to the debate)

meanwhile, barefoot and progressive points out that a full-page ad supporting rand paul in the herald leader contains (among others) the endorsement of tim profitt, the man identified as the stomper.

those darn teabaggers! w/joe miller's "security squad" unlawfully detaining a reporter (w/handcuffs!), and christine o'donnell's staff pushing a reporter down into a chair, it's becoming more clear just exactly what the baggers stand for (and what color their shirts are)!

(thx and a tip o'the kangaroo tail to memeorandum for the majority of the links!)
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He was "served with a summons"?

Whatever happened to being arrested, cuffed, and read his rights while being slammed into a cell? Where's police brutality when it's needed?

So under their white sheets and pointed hoods they're wearing brown shirts? Must clash.
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