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Thursday, October 21, 2010

blogging around

per think progress: gop candidate vicki hartzler wants the gummit to leave us alone, yet was happy to take $774,325 in federal subsidies

sure the gop doesn't want regulations on their business, but one christian activist is calling for regulation of homosexuals

is it hot in here, or are we crazy? no, it's hot in here, if by "here," we mean the arctic circle

and boy, who would have ever guessed that we'd see the day where galifianakis has more pull in hollywood zack than mel gibson?
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>>per think progress: gop
>>candidate vicki hartzler wants
>>the gummit to leave us alone,
>>yet was happy to take $774,325
>>in federal subsidies

This reminds me of the mindset of my extreme far-right Republican neighbor. He advocates shutting down virtually all government agencies and programs, including "socialist" Medicare and Social Security. He's a big fan of Rush and HateWing Radio.
Oh, and by the way, he works for the government. He has a cushy $90,000/year job with fantastic benefits and 5 weeks of annual paid vacation, as well as loads of holidays.
He never tires of lecturing me about how "evil" government is and how wonderful Corporate America is---although, as a life-long government employee he has never in fact worked for the private sector.
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