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Saturday, September 18, 2010

the write-in stuff

lisa murkowski, former goper (and palin arch-enemy) who was defeated for that party's nom for senator in the recent primary by (who else?) a tea-bagger, has declared herself as a write-in candidate for that race. hotline:
sen. lisa murkowski (r-ak) will run for re-election as a write-in candidate after losing her bid for renomination, according to sources briefed on murkowski's decision.

murkowski's decision will set up a 3-way battle between the incumbent, miller and sitka mayor scott mcadams (d), potentially turning the race on its head. private 3-way polling has shown miller leading, but by a narrow margin.

murkowski will make the formal announcement tonight in anchorage. she has been mulling her options after losing to attorney joe miller (r) by 1.8% -- or about 2k votes out of 110k cast.

miller won with the backing of the tea party express and former alaska gov. sarah palin (r). the tea party express spent hundreds of thousands of dollars criticizing murkowski's legislative accomplishments, and palin campaigned against her rival in the race's closing days.
murkowski goes on to point out how lousy a card player she is:
"i'm not much of a poker player, but the analogy i've been using is that i'm sitting there and i've been dealt a six and an eight," murkowski told the paper. "and the guy across from me has two kings showing. and i'm hoping for the five, the seven and the nine. but it is possible."
we don't want to put words in norman chad's mouth, but we think he'd say in that hand that lisa might as well be selling refrigerator magnets at the beach.

nate silver, who knows everything there is to know about polls, sez murkowski has a chance. but mudflats, who actually lives in alaska, sez:
so, what are senator murkowski’s chances? if you judge by the enthusiasm of her supporters, she has a shot. if you judge by the practicalities of a write-in campaign in general, her chances aren’t good. if you judge based on the write-in campaigns in alaska’s history, she has no chance at all.

so the question you have to ask yourself…do you believe in unicorns?
or, if you're norman chad, do you believe in refrigerator magnets at the beach?
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