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Saturday, September 25, 2010

we can only hope this is true

via c&l, speaker pelosi may hold a vote on extending the middle class tax cuts next week:
the house speaker, nancy pelosi, said friday that democrats in her chamber may still force a vote next week on the expiring bush-era tax cuts, even though their counterparts in the senate have decided not to bring the issue to the floor until after the november elections.

a decision to force such a vote could put a fiery finish on the brief fall congressional session, and test the resolve of the house republican leader, john a. boehner of ohio, who has said he would support a bill to extend only some of the tax cuts if democrats gave him no other choice…

some democrats expressed surprise that ms. pelosi was still contemplating a vote after the senate decided on thursday to postpone action.

but democrats who are lobbying for a vote say it could draw a stark contrast between the two parties by highlighting the potential willingness of republicans to block tax relief for most americans while insisting tax breaks for the rich.

“we will retain the right to proceed as we choose and would take it one day at a time,” ms. pelosi said at a news conference at the capitol. “but let me be very clear, as we have all been clear in the house democratic leadership. america’s middle class will have a tax cut. it will be done in this congress. there is no question about that.”
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