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Sunday, September 19, 2010

tea party: putting the "con" in "convention"

raven brooks comes to the obvious conclusion:
back in june we learned that the much hyped tea party unity convention was being canceled and rescheduled to october 14-16 in las vegas. this barely registered a blip with the media at the time and i called them out on it and set the record straight on what this was really about.

we’re about a month out from their new announced date, and i thought i’d check them out and see how things were coming along.

well my first stop was a google search to find their web site. i found it, but this link should speak for itself. check out nationalteapartyconvention.com. oh you got a page not found error? well there’s nothing wrong with your browser, the site doesn’t exist any more. and there’s absolutely zero media or blog coverage of the event since they announced the dates were changing. not really what you’d expect for an event featuring sharron angle, lou dobbs, joseph farah, and andrew breitbart is it?


so there you have it, the much hyped tea party unity convention is now completely canceled. maybe they shouldn’t have paid sarah palin $100,000 to keynote the first event and they might have had a little more staying power financially.

the traditional press is still obsessed with writing about the tea party and the power they hold. and yes in the most recent primary elections their candidates did prevail. but those wins have also put races back on the board the democrats weren’t counting on winning. this cancellation shows that they have zero grassroots strength. it’s gop operatives and big money that control everything, it’s not some sort of bottom up effort lead by real people and supported by the conservative community. this article recently printed in playboy really says it all.

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Or go to the Tea Party express web site...


The whole thing is just about Railroading $$$ for candidates. Give cash to Angle, O'Donnell & Joe Miller in Alaska.

How's that for substance??

By the way, contributions are not tax deductible.
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