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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

skippy sez: read this blog!

our good buddy barry eisler has a new blog, heart of the matter.

barry, you'll remember, writes exciting political thrillers which also have definitively progressive statements embedded therein. readers of this space will recall our fondness for his previous works, inside out and faultline.

we are quite honored that barry has included a link to this humble space on his blogroll, and of course we are happy to reciprocate.

another interesting facet about barry's blog - his graciousness as mission statement:
a word on tone. at the risk of stating the obvious, no one's mind has ever been changed by an insult. calling your political opponents "mentally diseased" or "treasonous" or distorting their statements to fit your diatribe is a great way to sell books, speeches, talk shows, and movies -- that is, to make money, which is the real intent of professional polemicists. but that kind of nonsense never enlightens and it never persuades. let's not fall victim to it here.
of course, that sort of attitude would never work around here, but we are pleased that there are still adults in blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase!
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