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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

shut up, be votey

susie madrak, our gal on the front lines of disgruntled progressives, examines vp biden's latest admonision to us to "quit whining" over @ c&l:
and last night on lawrence o'donnell's new show, he said: "those who didn't get everything they wanted, it's time to just buck up."

just buck up.

i'm not sure how we turned out to be the targets, but it looks like we're officially on notice. no more complaining about frivolities!

the people still without jobs? quit yer whining.

the ones on food stamps? you, too.

your house is being foreclosed on? what a buncha whiners. shut yer piehole!

those of you living in your cars? be grateful you still have cars!

sleeping on your friend's couch? beats a cardboard box, don't it?

you can't afford to see a doctor? you'll be able to do that in 2014. you can't wait just four more years?

and they actually wonder why the base isn't motivated.

let me put it this way. you know how joe biden's grandparents came here from ireland to find a better life?

i know americans who are trying to figure out how to move their families back to ireland.
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I have told my kids to get out of this country, seriously. One is too old & settled, I don't think he will take his family & go. The other two are in college & one already has plans to emigrate when done. Things are going to get a lot worse here, and for a very long time.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:30 PM PDT  
I've told all 3 of my grown children that it would be best for them & their young children if they seek-out a "civilized" country to live in, that is one that recognizes the function of society is to help citizens have a good quality of life.

My wife & myself are also (slowly) pursuing that same goal.

Obama's complete capitulation to the insane right was the ultimate sell-out of our nation's future.
commented by Anonymous colonelgirdle, 6:53 PM PDT  
I think we're supposed to be the Richard Gere to Obama's Louis Gossett, Jr. and simply keep doing pointless exercises that will help build our character or some bullshit while sobbingly admit that we've got no where else to go. And then somehow love will lift us up to where we belong. I hated that fucking movie.
commented by Anonymous sean, 8:46 PM PDT  
The shit has hit the fan!

Now that election season is here, the Corporations are people anonymous campaign funding is starting to flow.
All those tax cuts for the rich are flushing down the toilet.

F you Biden, I'll whine if I want to.
commented by Blogger Fran, 1:14 AM PDT  

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