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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

not insane

it's a sad day in reality when the firesign theater proves to have been prophetic in political satire.


we read in the comments on another blog (which we have since forgotten, forgive us, otherwise there would be a link) that the reason there's such an "enthusiasm gap" for dem voters this year is that the party's biggest selling point is that they are not repubbblicans, and therefore, not completely wackadoodle. if we can paraphrase the comment, "it's not much of a slogan to say 'vote democratic, we're not bat-shit crazy'."

of course, the policy wonks and the rabid centrists over @ balloon juice will happily point out all that obama has done for this country. unfortunately, very little of it resonates at a micro-level; that is to say, a family losing their house because nobody's had work for 2 years cares little about student loan program re-vamping.

the idea that obama has stopped the economy from going over the cliff may be true technically, but if the public perceives that we are still on the edge of the cliff, there's not much to cheer about.

and we would personally argue that any health care reform goals were met with the hard work of nancy pelosi, who did most of the heavy lifting, while it appeared that obama himself seemed to stand back and watch from a safe distance.

the problem, as we see it this fall, is that every possible chance they had, the democrats have waffled and folded and acquiesced and kow-towed to the repubbblicans, not once standing up for the middle class or regular americans.

there are, of course, several individual instances where one can say "hey, the dems did this or that" to counter this argument. but on the whole, the country still has over 10% unemployment thanks to a stimulus too small, the bush tax cuts are actively being considered for extension, the same economic brainiac trust (summers, geithner, bernanke) that got us into this mess is still steering the boat, and all for fear of offending the gop.

yes, the gop is bat shit crazy. and yes, incompetent is preferable to bat shit crazy. but if the democrats actually wanted people to be enthusiastic about their agenda, they might try actually having one. "not insane" just isn't good enough.

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Yeah, I've read it other places :Vote for me I'm not quite as bad as the other guy.

It took me about 9 months to figure out how bad Obama and his people are. I am kind of embarrassed as it only took the picking of the fat white homophobe to give the invocation for a couple of friends of mine to come to the same conclusion.
commented by Blogger lawguy, 6:25 PM PDT  
What's really unfortunate IMO is that what will emerge from this is a party that will decide it needs to shift even further to the right.
commented by Anonymous sean, 7:26 PM PDT  
Democratic campaign slogan: "When the economy was going over the cliff, we extended the cliff."
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 10:42 AM PDT  
I really, really, really want to support obama and his administration, but...

It appears that most of the members of our MAJORITY House and Senate haven't yet reached puberty and grown cojones. They are too interested in getting re-elected to do the hard work that is needed to bring our country back from the abyss. It takes courage to do what is needed to save this country, and I just don't see it coming from our current crop. Why can the republican members of congress always end up voting in lock-step, even if they have to hold their noses? Why are democrats always subject to over-analyzing (listen now, barack) to the point of near-paralysis?

To say I am disappointed is an understatement. To say I am hopeful is a gross overstatement. Why is it that my president should deserve my support when I feel that he is supporting big business to a much larger extent than he is supporting my needs as a person who is firmly entrenched in a hurting and dwindling middle class?

I will most probably hold my nose too and pull the lever in November, but I certainly won't be happy or enthusiastic about it.
commented by Blogger Ex-Canuck, 5:41 AM PDT  
I'm glad to see I'm not the only one remembering that FT album as the campaign season kicks in.
commented by Blogger just john, 5:46 AM PDT  
firesign theatre......also recorded...and it may be more applicable nowadays
"everything you know is wrong"
commented by Blogger gregg, 6:38 AM PDT  
My "Papoon for President" button is my facebook profile pic. Think I'm going to leave it up for a couple of years. Can only hope that with a lot of hard work 2012 will be a mudslide for Papoon.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 8:11 AM PDT  

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