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Thursday, September 23, 2010

mr. colbert goes to washington

to talk about jobs....you know, those jobs that immigrants are "taking away"
comedy central host stephen colbert is slated to testify at a congressional hearing friday on immigration titled “protecting america’s harvest.”

...in july, colbert interviewed united farm workers (ufw) president arturo rodriguez on his show.

ufw works to legalize the millions of illegal immigrants working in the agriculture sector, and rodriguez promoted one of their projects, “take our jobs” which offers americans the chance to try working in the fields if they really think good jobs are being lost to illegals.

in the interview, colbert challenged rodriguez with playful caricatures of anti-illegal immigration groups, for instance telling him that “they’re taking our jobs! those jobs belong to american farm workers!”

rodriguez replied, “americans don’t want to work in the fields. it’s very difficult work, it requires a lot of expertise, and the conditions are horrid,” describing a recent day in which the temperature was in excess of 100 degrees.

colbert retorted, “it was over 100 degrees this entire week here, i did my show, 22 minutes a night!”

rodriguez then touted the take our jobs initiative.

“it’s inviting american citizens that want to work in the fields, that want to take those jobs, that want to do that agricultural work, to come out and do it. so we put up a website, takeourjobs.org and we’re inviting americans throughout the united states to come and try to work in agriculture if they believe that immigrant farm workers are taking away good american jobs.”

colbert asked how many people had taken up the offer. the answer was three, so colbert said “make that four, i’ll do it.” - the dc

hey...stephen...come better know california's fightin' 23rd district. it's harvest time here in wine country!

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commented by Anonymous jane, 9:30 AM PDT  
How does the rest of the world manage to harvest their crops?
commented by Blogger PR, 9:50 AM PDT  
Doesn't matter where you live, the poor do the dirty work.
commented by Anonymous jane, 8:53 AM PDT  

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