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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

jon stewart

the patron teevee saint for skippytbk, has a new book out...."earth. a visitor's guide to the human race." might come in handy for the general election because some of these nutballs on the ballot don't seem quite human to me.
earth (the book): a visitor’s guide to the human race, the hotly anticipated follow-up to america, goes on sale today. billed as “the definitive guide to our species,” it’s a stewartian meditation on everything from science and art to how larry king’s body compares to the male ideal (not well, we’re afraid). the book was designed by a paula scher-led team at pentagram, which also designed america. we’ve got a first look at some of the pages here. - fastcodesign
just the read you can bring with you to the rally to restore sanity. not recommended that you haul it with you to the march to keep fear alive.

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