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Sunday, September 19, 2010

environmental news story sunday

for those pesky little stories that aren't sexy like little miss "keep your hands to yourself" o'donnell.

fda rules won't require salmon labels. - as the food and drug administration considers whether to approve genetically modified salmon, one thing seems certain: shoppers staring at fillets in the seafood department will find it tough to pick out the conventional fish from the one created with genes from another species - wapo

iowa looks to maine for egg farm rules. - jack decoster, a maine native and notorious owner of egg farms here, has a long record in this state of paying fines and settlements for worker health and safety violations, as well as animal cruelty - waterville morning sentinel

spanish water wars put wetlands at risk. - spanish wetlands-- and drinking water-- are at risk to the continuing spanish "water wars" that have pitted farmers against environmentalists and one region against another. in one, the once rich peat underlying the marsh has become so dry that it began to oxidize, heat up and spontaneously combust. - london financial times

natural gas from ruptured gulf well remained trapped in deep waters. - natural gas, billowing out from the macondo well alongside oil at double the amount, often received scant attention from the public, press and government. fortunately, scientists were not so easily fixated on the crude. - greenwire

exploring the links between ocean warming and hurricanes. - one of the more contentious issues facing climate scientists is whether rising ocean temperatures will cause more frequent and powerful hurricanes. amid the uncertainty, one thing seems likely: an increase in the most potent — and destructive — storms - yale environment 360

ann arbor man plans to make history with first 'net zero' home in a historic district. - instead of paying through the roof (literally, there was no attic insulation) over the next two decades, matt grocoff has been on a mission to make as many energy efficient improvements as possible to his home in ann arbor's old west side - annarbor.com

swift hopes airplane fuel will take off. - the aviation world is buzzing that what replaces gasoline in small aircraft is likely to be a clean homegrown stew called swift fuel - indianapolis star

tens of thousands protest against german nuclear plan. - tens of thousands demonstrated in berlin saturday against the government's proposal to extend the life of germany's nuclear power plants for another decade or more. - afp

thousands surround merkel office in nuclear protest. - tens of thousands of germans surrounded chancellor angela merkel's office saturday in an anti-nuclear demonstration that organizers said was the biggest of its kind since the chernobyl disaster in 1986 - reuters

'incorporate environment in constitution as basic right of citizens.' - environmental rights should be an overriding right of the citizens to ensure the right to a healthy, sound and enduring environment, speakers said at a seminar in dhaka on saturday - dhaka new nation (bangladesh)

stranger than tv. - ndp critic rachel notley has a challenge it’s unlikely anyone will take her up on. referring to the deformed fish caught in lake athabasca, downstream of oilsands development, “I’d invite [any federal or provincial minister] to come down, pick out one of these fish, fry it up and feed it to their family,” said notley. - calgary sun

coal-state lawmakers go after epa policy. - coal-state lawmakers are introducing legislation that would stop the use of federal funds to carry out the epa's new permit policies on surface mining in the appalachian region. - louisville courier journal

green jobs can help area prosper. the north country workforce investment board made public its green collar jobs initiative report. - pittsburg press republican

going green, green, house, homes. - real estate company wants to make becoming environmentally friendly more accessible to the common man. - yuma sun

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