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Thursday, September 30, 2010

rest in peace tony

thank you for all the lives you enriched...for all the lives you saved.
....tony is the biggest supporter of shiloh horse rescue and sanctuary, a non-profit horse rescue started by he and his wife, jill. tony and jill actively support the rights of horses not to be abused and slaughtered for human consumption. currently, tony and jill have over two hundred rescued horses on their ranch outside jean, nevada. For more information visit www.shilohhorserescue.com - tonycurtis.com

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matt taibbi braves the tea party

and lives to serve up quite the tale of tea & crackers.
a hall full of elderly white people in medicare-paid scooters, railing against government spending and imagining themselves revolutionaries as they cheer on the vice-presidential puppet hand-picked by the gop establishment. if there exists a better snapshot of everything the tea party represents, i can't imagine it. - rolling stone

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tony curtis has left the building

tony curtis, a genuinely great actor, has passed on at the age of 85. i grew up watching his films. he was just a guy from the bronx (real name bernie schwartz) who turned out to have real acting talent. i still watch "some like it hot" whenever i run across it on television (although jack lemmon stole that film).

we love you, antonius.
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mad about mike pence

mad kane, that is!
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

we've heard about pink elephants, but does this also mean we're drunk?

via gawker, we find the story of a rare pink hippo:


will and matt burrard-lucas, were visiting the masai mara in kenya, hunting the wildebeest migration, only to find a pink hippo.

"our guide had mentioned that he had heard rumours of this rare hippo from a fellow guide, however, he was not told where it lived and he had never come across it before," said will, 26…

according to the brothers, the hippo is leucitic and not albino as it had some pigmented spots and dark eyes. leucistic animals often do not survive in the wild as they are visible to predators and get sunburnt. hippos however are large enough to fend off rare attackers, while using their sweat as sunscreen.

"it was a young one as it is much smaller than the other hippos and always stayed close to its mother," said will, who added that it was "very shy" and hid behind its mother.
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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

it really is the end of the middle class

and, really, the end of our democratic country. if the republicans get what they want. privatizing everything.
....this trend is fueled by the desire of the richest americans to seek new income streams. instead of spending their cash hoard on innovating new products or businesses that can create jobs and lasting economic activity, they're engaged in a process of rent seeking, which has no productive value. by taking tax dollars that currently provide public services and channeling them to the private sector, which contracts to provide the service at lower cost - and therefore at lower quality - these wealthy individuals can add new income streams while also blunting any effort to raise their taxes to provide these services.

.... in a country that has turned pursuit of profit into a civic religion, and that since 1980 has argued that all government activity and policy should be oriented around producing corporate profits, it is indeed an open question whether there is any room left for the concept of the government providing services directly to the people, without having to give an investor a cut. - calitics

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we think we have it bad here in california

bolivia has experienced over 47,000 fires.
he worst drought in the last 30 years has ignited more than 47,000 fires in bolivia over the last few months, creating health problems among the population and affecting the nation’s air traffic, the andean country’s forest service chief said. - latin american herald tribune

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Bruce, Jay Bruce

Between yesterday (Phillies) and Today (Rays, Yankees), three of the four teams on the promotional poster for the upcoming MLB playoffs clinched.

As for the fourth—the Cardinals—well, actions have consequences and that 1-10 streak immediately after LaRussa and Pujols hung out with Glenn Beck put them out of contention.

And, tonight, it became official, as Rob Farley noted.

In honor of Jay Bruce:


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shut up, be votey

susie madrak, our gal on the front lines of disgruntled progressives, examines vp biden's latest admonision to us to "quit whining" over @ c&l:
and last night on lawrence o'donnell's new show, he said: "those who didn't get everything they wanted, it's time to just buck up."

just buck up.

i'm not sure how we turned out to be the targets, but it looks like we're officially on notice. no more complaining about frivolities!

the people still without jobs? quit yer whining.

the ones on food stamps? you, too.

your house is being foreclosed on? what a buncha whiners. shut yer piehole!

those of you living in your cars? be grateful you still have cars!

sleeping on your friend's couch? beats a cardboard box, don't it?

you can't afford to see a doctor? you'll be able to do that in 2014. you can't wait just four more years?

and they actually wonder why the base isn't motivated.

let me put it this way. you know how joe biden's grandparents came here from ireland to find a better life?

i know americans who are trying to figure out how to move their families back to ireland.
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Monday, September 27, 2010

it was broiling today

all over southern california. freakin' hot. yeah...i know. september and october tend to be the hotest months...but does it have to be this hot?

downtown lala - 113
ojai - 112
burbank - 110
san luis obispo - 110
paso robles - 108
la canada flintridge - 107
santa barbara - 100

at 12:15 p.m., the weather station at usc hit the 113-degree mark, breaking the old all-time high of 112 set on june 26, 1990.

it makes monday the hottest day ever since records in downtown l.a. started being kept in 1877, said stuart seto of the national weather service. - latte times

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we never meta pun we didn't like

link to blog post proving that snark can be informative.

(obligatory tip o'the kangaroo tail to original blogger that first linked us to above post)

[editor's addendum admonishing readers to pay particular attention to the witty commentors on the original post, w/link]
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say hello

to the political critic, whom we are proud to add to our blogroll!
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Sunday, September 26, 2010

steny hoyer tells fox news

that stephen colbert's testimony on capitol hill was an embarrassment and inappropriate.
house majority leader steny hoyer of maryland tells "fox news sunday" he thought the episode was more of an embarrassment to colbert than to the house. but, he added, "i think it was inappropriate" that he testified. - sfgate
no, steny. you going on a channel that broadcasts propaganda and lies is an embarrassment and inappropriate.

steny, why don't you take your lazy a** and actually go experience actual harvesting work. see what it's like to do real work instead of this jaw yammering that politicians (especially some democrats of late) are doing in d.c.

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environmental news stories sunday

another round of stories that the sunday talking head shows dare not speaketh the name.

environment key to u.s. security: congress briefing. - environmental degradation and waning natural resources threaten u.s. security in the 21st century, in a shift from "kinetic" security threats, defense experts told a capitol hill briefing wednesday - reuters

feds establish downtown bunker to build criminal, civil cases against bp in gulf oil spill. - a team of federal prosecutors have begun to quietly build a complex series of criminal and civil cases stemming from the BP oil spill - nola times picayune

the disturbing truth about cellphones. - u.s. public-health advocate and epidemiologist devra davis takes a close look at the science of cellphones in her new book, disconnect, and discovers that while researchers haven't yet found a definitive answer, there are chilling clues that these ubiquitous devices are far from benign. - toronto globe and mail

gm food battle moves to fish as super-salmon nears us approval. - consumer groups fear a green light for engineered species will bring environmental disaster to the oceans - london observer

industry, regulators ignored coal-dust meters. - coal dust is highly explosive, and can turn what might be minor ignitions of methane gas in underground mines into massive blasts. federal and state investigators believe that's exactly what happened when a huge explosion ripped through the upper big branch mine, causing the worst u.s. coal-mining disaster in 40 years - charleston gazette

firefly spotters wonder if the species is fading away. - there's something special about a warm summer night at dusk, around a campfire or under the stars in the backyard, when the darkness is suddenly illuminated by bright, fast flashes of light. but are fireflies -- and the memories they inspire -- fading away forever? - toronoto ctv

political environment: earth put on the back burner. - not too long ago it was being called “the century’s defining issue.” Now it’s not even the issue of the year — in an election year, no less. climate change has been trumped by the recession, of course, and there are other reasons why it has fallen out of the public spotlight. - burlington free press

biologist tracks walruses forced ashore as ice melts. - earlier this month, tens of thousands of walruses crowded onto a sandy stretch of beach on alaska's northwest coast. the animals were forced to swim to shore after the arctic sea ice they usually live on disappeared from the chukchi sea - alaska public radio network

making money from a low carbon footprint. - next week’s scottish low carbon investment conference, which brings together what the renewables industry group boss niall stuart calls “all parts of the jigsaw,” is the most internationally visible display to date of the scottish government’s goal of making scotland the green powerhouse of europe - glasgow herald

alexander helps generate buzz for electric cars. - efforts by tennessee politicians, including republican sen. lamar alexander, and business leaders to promote widespread use of electric vehicles have enjoyed a few new jolts of power recently - nashville tenneseean

local and organic through foraging. - one los angeles chef decided to take organic and local to another level by having customers bring fruits and vegetables from their backyards to put in the restaurants dishes. the county intervened, but the restaurant figured out a way to get its customers involved with the menu again. - marketplace

nj lawmakers pushing solar mandate for new schools. - of all the places to plant a crop of solar panels, few are better than the roof of a school. therefore, nj legislators are pushing a bill that would prohibit the commissioner of education from approving construction of any new school unless plans include solar panels - philadelphia inquirer

houstonians plant 'victory garden' to help the environment. - in an effort to make downtown green and boost the local economy, houston teamed up with several groups, including urban harvest and keep houston beautiful, to build vegetable, fruit and herb gardens at tranquility park near city hall - houston chronicle

a source of sea-level rise to rival glaciers. - melting glaciers aren't the only reason coastal cities need to worry about sea-level rise. agriculture is pumping groundwater for irrigation at such a rate that the runoff equals the contribution from melting of glaciers and ice caps outside of greenland and antarctica, scientists report - daily climate

jellyfish invade inner harbor. - the inner harbor's no place to swim anyway, but now you can add another reason not to go in the water downtown: jellyfish. scientists said the lack of rainfall this summer likely triggered the harbor invasion by making the water here just salty enough to attract them. it's been abnormally dry on both sides of chesapeake bay. - baltimore sun

a slight chance of rain: dealing with drought again. - the ongoing water war between alabama, florida and georgia is just one aspect of a regional problem that must be addressed regionally - anniston star

‘frack’ water scrutinized in drought conditions. - as municipal water suppliers request customers to reduce their water consumption because of a state drought warning, some are asking, shouldn’t natural gas drillers do the same? the hydraulic fracturing process used to extract gas from shale uses large quantities of water - wilkes barre

climate change could spell disaster for national parks. - national parks are slowly being done in by global warming, so much so that experts believe joshua trees, glaciers and other scenic wonders may not last the century. the risk is such that park managers have declared global warming "the greatest threat" to the integrity of the park system that the nation has ever faced. - miller mccune

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

that's one way to get out of doing math

object to algebra as being "muslim" so therefore "icky"
basically a failed fundamentalist candidate for the state educational authority in texas is claiming that social studies textbooks are pro-islam and anti-christian, and the state must not buy any more of these texts. this guy won’t be satisfied until the only book in public schools is the bible.

...if the whacko is looking for “pro-islam” textbooks, he is in the wrong courses. he should be demanding the state cancel all math and science classes, because much of the basic work in those fields was done by muslims during europe’s so-called “dark ages”. he apparently missed the clue that we use “arabic” numerals in math and science, and al gebra is obviously not something he knows about.- why now?
the word algebra is derived from the arabic word al-jabr, and this comes from the treatise written in 820 by the muslim persian mathematician, muhammad ibn mūsā al-khwārizmī, entitled, in arabic, كتاب الجبر والمقابلة or kitāb al-muḫtaṣar fī ḥisāb al-ğabr wa-l-muqābala, which can be translated as the compendious book on calculation by completion and balancing. - wikipedia
we are so the laughing stock of the world.

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if this happened in boston, martha cloakley would have shut the city down

dr. who fans, rejoice and/or tremble in your boots: a dalek was found outside an elementary school near exeter, england:

an alien from a distant galaxy has landed in exeter.

but this life-size dalek has not come to exterminate city residents — it is looking for its lost owner.

schoolchildren discovered the replica cyborg and police are now trying to trace its owner. teachers at west exe learning centre, in st thomas, were left dumbfounded when doctor who's arch-nemesis materialised in their building.

and despite initial excitement about such an unusual addition to the school, they are now keen for the extraterrest- rial mutant to return to where it came from.

sue willey, deputy manager of west exe learning centre, said: "we're not sure where he has come from or who he belongs to...

the value of the dalek is not known but ms willey estimates that the replica could be worth hundreds of pounds.

"he's a little bit damaged here and there, but he's still got to be worth hundreds," she said...

the school contacted police but officers say they have received no reports of a missing or stolen dalek.
(thanks and a tip o' the kangaroo tail to boingboing for the link!)
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we can only hope this is true

via c&l, speaker pelosi may hold a vote on extending the middle class tax cuts next week:
the house speaker, nancy pelosi, said friday that democrats in her chamber may still force a vote next week on the expiring bush-era tax cuts, even though their counterparts in the senate have decided not to bring the issue to the floor until after the november elections.

a decision to force such a vote could put a fiery finish on the brief fall congressional session, and test the resolve of the house republican leader, john a. boehner of ohio, who has said he would support a bill to extend only some of the tax cuts if democrats gave him no other choice…

some democrats expressed surprise that ms. pelosi was still contemplating a vote after the senate decided on thursday to postpone action.

but democrats who are lobbying for a vote say it could draw a stark contrast between the two parties by highlighting the potential willingness of republicans to block tax relief for most americans while insisting tax breaks for the rich.

“we will retain the right to proceed as we choose and would take it one day at a time,” ms. pelosi said at a news conference at the capitol. “but let me be very clear, as we have all been clear in the house democratic leadership. america’s middle class will have a tax cut. it will be done in this congress. there is no question about that.”
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Friday, September 24, 2010

skippy's friday nite music club

on this international day of #grenache....hope you enjoy some fabulous wine. but, please don't spill it.

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demon sheep creator

signs up with the witch.
california-based republican ad man fred davis signed a contract today with delaware senate republican candidate christine o'donnell to craft her television ads for her general election battle against democrat chris coons. - hotlineoncall

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christine o'donnell is a monkey's uncle

freakin' scary.

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the suburban gorilla

takes a hippie punch for us all.

basically, after axelrod told us how wonderful we were and how much they needed us to close the enthusiasm gap in this election, i called him on it. like, yo dave, here we are, liberal activists who give money and gotv, and the white house needs to punch us in public so no one thinks they take us seriously?

and then he said, like, your feelings don’t really amount to a hill of beans in this crazy mixed-up world when we’re trying to save the country, and then i said excuse me, we’re not talking about my feelings here, how am i supposed to motivate my readers when you treat them like the town ho? - suburban gorilla

you go, girlfriend! you tell'm like it is!

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mad about harry reid

mad kane, that is!
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where's leonard pinth-garnell when you need him?

one of our fav sites, the consumerist, is holding their annual worst commercial in the world contest.

feel free to add your vote here.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

wh: dfh? bfd!

susie madrak confronted david axelrod about the white house's penchant for punching hippies. greg sargent heard it all:
top obama adviser david axelrod got an earful of the liberal blogosphere's anger at the white house moments ago, when a blogger on a conference call directly called out axelrod over white house criticism of the left, accusing the administration of "hippie punching."

"we're the girl you'll take under the bleachers but you won't be seen with in the light of day," the blogger, susan madrak of crooks and liars, pointedly told axelrod on the call, which was organzied for liberal bloggers and progressive media…

that tension burst out into the open when madrak directly asked axelrod: "have you ever heard of hippie punching?" that prompted a long silence from axelrod.

"you want us to help you, the first thing i would suggest is enough of the hippie punching," madrak added. "we're the girl you'll take under the bleachers but you won't be seen with in the light of day."

axelrod didn't engage on "hippie punching," but he said he agreed with the blogger. "to the extent that we shouldn't get involved in intramural skirmishing, i couldn't agree more," axelrod said. "we just can't afford that. there are big things at stake here."

madrak replied that axelrod was missing the point -- that the criticism of the left made it tougher for bloggers like herself to motivate the base. "don't make our jobs harder," she said.

"right back at'cha. right back at'cha," axelrod replied, a bit testily, an apparent reference to blogospheric criticism of the administration.
it always amazes us that the folks in power continually find other people to blame for their lack of progress on any given subject (see here).

addendum: here's our buddy d-day's account of the call over @ fdl.

double addendum: shorter axelrod (if we may paraphrase the venture brothers from last sunday):

"you're just minions! when obama says jump, you say, 'which shark?' !!"
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kbr above the law?

seems it could be....
after a group of oregon national guard troops sued kbr in 2009, claiming they'd been exposed to toxic chemicals at iraq's qarmat ali water treatment facility, an unusual deal between the military contractor and the army came to light. tucked inside its multibillion-dollar contract to rebuild the facility was a clause, the contents of which remain classified, that could shield the contractor from legal liability—in essence, what could amount to a get-out-of-court-free card. - mother jones

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mad about tax cut tomfoolery

mad kane, that is!
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mr. colbert goes to washington

to talk about jobs....you know, those jobs that immigrants are "taking away"
comedy central host stephen colbert is slated to testify at a congressional hearing friday on immigration titled “protecting america’s harvest.”

...in july, colbert interviewed united farm workers (ufw) president arturo rodriguez on his show.

ufw works to legalize the millions of illegal immigrants working in the agriculture sector, and rodriguez promoted one of their projects, “take our jobs” which offers americans the chance to try working in the fields if they really think good jobs are being lost to illegals.

in the interview, colbert challenged rodriguez with playful caricatures of anti-illegal immigration groups, for instance telling him that “they’re taking our jobs! those jobs belong to american farm workers!”

rodriguez replied, “americans don’t want to work in the fields. it’s very difficult work, it requires a lot of expertise, and the conditions are horrid,” describing a recent day in which the temperature was in excess of 100 degrees.

colbert retorted, “it was over 100 degrees this entire week here, i did my show, 22 minutes a night!”

rodriguez then touted the take our jobs initiative.

“it’s inviting american citizens that want to work in the fields, that want to take those jobs, that want to do that agricultural work, to come out and do it. so we put up a website, takeourjobs.org and we’re inviting americans throughout the united states to come and try to work in agriculture if they believe that immigrant farm workers are taking away good american jobs.”

colbert asked how many people had taken up the offer. the answer was three, so colbert said “make that four, i’ll do it.” - the dc

hey...stephen...come better know california's fightin' 23rd district. it's harvest time here in wine country!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

skippy's wednesday nite music club

a little ska-full blast from the past.

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rep. bart stupak d-mi kinda redeeming himself

in the #eggrecall hearings.

Eddie Gehman Kohan obamafoodorama
stupak puts up slides of dead mice on conveyer belts, manure coming out of bottom of hen houses, asks how such filth is possible #eggrecall

food_democracy food_democracy
stupak, where you get all the dead hens, piles of manure, open doors, mice running all over: piles of manure 8 ft high?

foodsafetynews foodsafetynews rep. stupak to egg execs: with big operations, come big responsibilities. #eggrecall #foodsafety

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targeting minorities and college students

and challenging their right to vote. ugh..yeah...that's the gop's political game plan on winning...or rather, stealing...the upcoming elections.
a coordinated plot by the republican party of wisconsin, americans for prosperity-wisconsin and organizations in the so-called tea party movement targeting minority voters and college students in a possibly illegal “voter caging” effort for voter suppression has been uncovered in evidence obtained by one wisconsin now, a statewide advocacy organization in madison, wisconsin. - one wisconsin now
again, wisconsin has same-day registration, so these challenged voters could provide proof of residency and just register at a new address. but these voters would have no idea going into the polls that the would be challenged. so the goal is to force voters into provisional ballots, which can be challenged later, or possibly to intimidate them from voting altogether. roughly 35% of provisional ballots are never counted, many times because they require some kind of follow-up information on the part of the voter - firedoglake

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down the penrose lane

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

skippy's tuesday nite music club

tonight's selection is a gift from an eagle.

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billionaire bailout recipient to america

"suck it in and cope, buddy"
....check out billionaire vice-chair of warren buffet's berkshire hathaway, charles munger, telling people in economic distress that they must "suck it in and cope" and that they should "thank god" for bank bailouts. - taibbiblog at rollingstone
why the hell couldn't wall street and all the financial terrorists just "suck it in and cope?"
why do these people hate america and the working class. it's the people who actually work that make this country great...not the people who game the system and suck off the profits the laborers create.

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when we said "president garfield" we didn't mean the cat who eats lasagne!

the washpost tells us that obama and palin are making up...in riverdale!
archie andrews. an average american boy living in an average american town. in the december and january comic books, president obama and former alaska governor sarah palin will descend on the story-book town of riverdale to help campaign for the student government race at riverdale high.

this is not the first time archie has taken on a hot topic. just last april september, kevin keller, the comic's first openly gay character moved to riverdale. (ed. note: his move was announced in april, but keller did not show up until the september comic.)

if the cover image reveals any hints, palin and obama's introduction to riverdale is just as happy as keller's was. the two politicians find a way to put aside their differences to indulge in that great american pastime of sharing a chocolate milkshake.
of course, the idea of these two groups, politicians and cartoons, finally meeting, makes perfect sense. one is full of two-dimensional characters, unconnected to reality and appealing to people of limited intelligence, and the other is archie!
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tweet of the day

adbusters adbusters
62 days until carnivalesque rebellion. remind your friends, offline.

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ebay's founder

says "no" to meg whitman. meg's values aren't california's.
so, why not ask pierre omidyar what he thinks of meg whitman? certainly there are few people that know her better than he. and they have each other to thank for their respective fortunes. so, would omidyar vote for meg whitman? in a word, no. - calitics

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jon stewart

the patron teevee saint for skippytbk, has a new book out...."earth. a visitor's guide to the human race." might come in handy for the general election because some of these nutballs on the ballot don't seem quite human to me.
earth (the book): a visitor’s guide to the human race, the hotly anticipated follow-up to america, goes on sale today. billed as “the definitive guide to our species,” it’s a stewartian meditation on everything from science and art to how larry king’s body compares to the male ideal (not well, we’re afraid). the book was designed by a paula scher-led team at pentagram, which also designed america. we’ve got a first look at some of the pages here. - fastcodesign
just the read you can bring with you to the rally to restore sanity. not recommended that you haul it with you to the march to keep fear alive.

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i'm with the banned

battocchio reminds us that national banned books week is coming up!
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Monday, September 20, 2010

buyer beware

just because a food is recalled....doesn't mean that it is off the shelves.
consumers should not rely on inspectors to make sure that expired or recalled foods, like the 500 million eggs recalled last month, are no longer being sold, public health experts said.

in most cases, inspectors rarely check grocery shelves for recalled products, and instead rely on the producers of the tainted product to make sure that the recall was effective.

no regulations exist to prevent stores from selling expired food, which inspectors view as a food quality issue rather than a food safety concern. agencies only intervene when the expired product has been found to cause illness, which public health specialists say is rare.

food recalls sound official, but actually they are voluntary. removing the tainted food is up to the stores and restaurants after they receive the recall notice from the company that produced it. government agencies try to monitor to make sure the recall is happening but they have limited authority or resources to intervene. - minnesota public radio

keep in mind that republicans and tea baggers are running for office on platforms of no regulations. does that make you feel safe? forget osama bin laden...you have more of a chance of dying from bad food than you do from a terrorist attack.

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tea party funder republican dick armey

says that social security is a "corrupt ponzi scheme".

and here i just thought it was wall street that was the corrupt ponzi scheme.

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according to the gop

bechtel and pricewaterhousecooper are "small businesses."
...according to president obama and the democrats, 97 percent of small businesses will see their tax rates remain the same. republican counter that the remaining three percent of small businesses -- about 750,000 of them -- constitute half of all small-business income. there's only one way both of those statements can be true: many of those 750,000 small businesses aren't small at all. some, like bechtel corporation, are positively enormous. - talking points memo

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the republicans do have a plan for america

starve it to death. starve people to death.
eyeing a potential congressional win in november, house republicans are planning to chip away at the white house's legislative agenda—in particular the health-care law—by depriving the programs of cash. - wsj
short version:
sorry...you loser.
elderly? you're a drain on our american dream...just die.
public anything? (schools, infrastructure, etc.) if you can't pay for it, you don't get it. ha! ha!
can't afford healthcare? it's all your fault. go ahead, die.

who needs the boogeyman enemy, osama bin laden.
the republicans are planning on destroying america from within.

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

environmental news story sunday

for those pesky little stories that aren't sexy like little miss "keep your hands to yourself" o'donnell.

fda rules won't require salmon labels. - as the food and drug administration considers whether to approve genetically modified salmon, one thing seems certain: shoppers staring at fillets in the seafood department will find it tough to pick out the conventional fish from the one created with genes from another species - wapo

iowa looks to maine for egg farm rules. - jack decoster, a maine native and notorious owner of egg farms here, has a long record in this state of paying fines and settlements for worker health and safety violations, as well as animal cruelty - waterville morning sentinel

spanish water wars put wetlands at risk. - spanish wetlands-- and drinking water-- are at risk to the continuing spanish "water wars" that have pitted farmers against environmentalists and one region against another. in one, the once rich peat underlying the marsh has become so dry that it began to oxidize, heat up and spontaneously combust. - london financial times

natural gas from ruptured gulf well remained trapped in deep waters. - natural gas, billowing out from the macondo well alongside oil at double the amount, often received scant attention from the public, press and government. fortunately, scientists were not so easily fixated on the crude. - greenwire

exploring the links between ocean warming and hurricanes. - one of the more contentious issues facing climate scientists is whether rising ocean temperatures will cause more frequent and powerful hurricanes. amid the uncertainty, one thing seems likely: an increase in the most potent — and destructive — storms - yale environment 360

ann arbor man plans to make history with first 'net zero' home in a historic district. - instead of paying through the roof (literally, there was no attic insulation) over the next two decades, matt grocoff has been on a mission to make as many energy efficient improvements as possible to his home in ann arbor's old west side - annarbor.com

swift hopes airplane fuel will take off. - the aviation world is buzzing that what replaces gasoline in small aircraft is likely to be a clean homegrown stew called swift fuel - indianapolis star

tens of thousands protest against german nuclear plan. - tens of thousands demonstrated in berlin saturday against the government's proposal to extend the life of germany's nuclear power plants for another decade or more. - afp

thousands surround merkel office in nuclear protest. - tens of thousands of germans surrounded chancellor angela merkel's office saturday in an anti-nuclear demonstration that organizers said was the biggest of its kind since the chernobyl disaster in 1986 - reuters

'incorporate environment in constitution as basic right of citizens.' - environmental rights should be an overriding right of the citizens to ensure the right to a healthy, sound and enduring environment, speakers said at a seminar in dhaka on saturday - dhaka new nation (bangladesh)

stranger than tv. - ndp critic rachel notley has a challenge it’s unlikely anyone will take her up on. referring to the deformed fish caught in lake athabasca, downstream of oilsands development, “I’d invite [any federal or provincial minister] to come down, pick out one of these fish, fry it up and feed it to their family,” said notley. - calgary sun

coal-state lawmakers go after epa policy. - coal-state lawmakers are introducing legislation that would stop the use of federal funds to carry out the epa's new permit policies on surface mining in the appalachian region. - louisville courier journal

green jobs can help area prosper. the north country workforce investment board made public its green collar jobs initiative report. - pittsburg press republican

going green, green, house, homes. - real estate company wants to make becoming environmentally friendly more accessible to the common man. - yuma sun

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tea party: putting the "con" in "convention"

raven brooks comes to the obvious conclusion:
back in june we learned that the much hyped tea party unity convention was being canceled and rescheduled to october 14-16 in las vegas. this barely registered a blip with the media at the time and i called them out on it and set the record straight on what this was really about.

we’re about a month out from their new announced date, and i thought i’d check them out and see how things were coming along.

well my first stop was a google search to find their web site. i found it, but this link should speak for itself. check out nationalteapartyconvention.com. oh you got a page not found error? well there’s nothing wrong with your browser, the site doesn’t exist any more. and there’s absolutely zero media or blog coverage of the event since they announced the dates were changing. not really what you’d expect for an event featuring sharron angle, lou dobbs, joseph farah, and andrew breitbart is it?


so there you have it, the much hyped tea party unity convention is now completely canceled. maybe they shouldn’t have paid sarah palin $100,000 to keynote the first event and they might have had a little more staying power financially.

the traditional press is still obsessed with writing about the tea party and the power they hold. and yes in the most recent primary elections their candidates did prevail. but those wins have also put races back on the board the democrats weren’t counting on winning. this cancellation shows that they have zero grassroots strength. it’s gop operatives and big money that control everything, it’s not some sort of bottom up effort lead by real people and supported by the conservative community. this article recently printed in playboy really says it all.

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tweet of the day

i am blessed that i make a lot $ - i do not need a fuc&^%* tax break. give the tax break to those under $250,000. dems show some balls.

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arrrrrghhhh...here i be, matey's

been busy working on a campaign making sure those republican scalliwags walk the plank. we have a big local democratic kick-off today...getting ready to set sail on the high seas of the political pond. wonder if they'll let me do some phone banking today honoring...talk like a pirate day?


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Saturday, September 18, 2010

lard & order

there's trouble in the department of everybody's favorite arizona fascist, sheriff arpaio. latimes:
top officials in the office of maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio used its anti-corruption unit to conduct politically motivated investigations, misled the public about a campaign fund that helped arpaio win reelection and surveilled the arizona lawman's campaign rivals, according to an internal memo from a high-ranking officer.

the 63-page memo, first reported thursday by the arizona republic, blames arpaio's longtime no. 2 man, chief deputy dave hendershott, for the alleged criminal wrongdoing.
tho to be technically fair, sheriff arpaio himself is not accused of this wrongdoing. just his employees, that's all.
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the write-in stuff

lisa murkowski, former goper (and palin arch-enemy) who was defeated for that party's nom for senator in the recent primary by (who else?) a tea-bagger, has declared herself as a write-in candidate for that race. hotline:
sen. lisa murkowski (r-ak) will run for re-election as a write-in candidate after losing her bid for renomination, according to sources briefed on murkowski's decision.

murkowski's decision will set up a 3-way battle between the incumbent, miller and sitka mayor scott mcadams (d), potentially turning the race on its head. private 3-way polling has shown miller leading, but by a narrow margin.

murkowski will make the formal announcement tonight in anchorage. she has been mulling her options after losing to attorney joe miller (r) by 1.8% -- or about 2k votes out of 110k cast.

miller won with the backing of the tea party express and former alaska gov. sarah palin (r). the tea party express spent hundreds of thousands of dollars criticizing murkowski's legislative accomplishments, and palin campaigned against her rival in the race's closing days.
murkowski goes on to point out how lousy a card player she is:
"i'm not much of a poker player, but the analogy i've been using is that i'm sitting there and i've been dealt a six and an eight," murkowski told the paper. "and the guy across from me has two kings showing. and i'm hoping for the five, the seven and the nine. but it is possible."
we don't want to put words in norman chad's mouth, but we think he'd say in that hand that lisa might as well be selling refrigerator magnets at the beach.

nate silver, who knows everything there is to know about polls, sez murkowski has a chance. but mudflats, who actually lives in alaska, sez:
so, what are senator murkowski’s chances? if you judge by the enthusiasm of her supporters, she has a shot. if you judge by the practicalities of a write-in campaign in general, her chances aren’t good. if you judge based on the write-in campaigns in alaska’s history, she has no chance at all.

so the question you have to ask yourself…do you believe in unicorns?
or, if you're norman chad, do you believe in refrigerator magnets at the beach?
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Friday, September 17, 2010

why not just wait a day and dress in costumes?

via brilliant @ breakfast, jon stewart and stephen colbert are planning a beck-a-palooza of their own:

the web page tells us
we're looking for the people who think shouting is annoying, counterproductive, and terrible for your throat; who feel that the loudest voices shouldn't be the only ones that get heard; and who believe that the only time it's appropriate to draw a hitler mustache on someone is when that person is actually hitler. or charlie chaplin in certain roles.

are you one of those people? excellent. then we'd like you to join us in washington, dc on october 30 -- a date of no significance whatsoever -- at the daily show's "rally to restore sanity." ours is a rally for the people who've been too busy to go to rallies, who actually have lives and families and jobs (or are looking for jobs) -- not so much the silent majority as the busy majority. if we had to sum up the political view of our participants in a single sentence... we couldn't. that's sort of the point.

Rally to Restore Sanity
The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Daily Show Full EpisodesPolitical HumorTea Party

March to Keep Fear Alive
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
Colbert Report Full Episodes2010 ElectionFox News

go here and/or here to sign up.

it looks like it'll be a swell version show of the daily/colbert shows, so it might be fun.

we think we'll be busy that day, practicing our bobbing for apples skills for the following night's festivities, but we know some folks that are planning to be there, so if you make it, too, we'll see you on the news coverage!

(thx & a tip o'the kangaroo tail to the hill for the video embeds!)
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Thursday, September 16, 2010

don't count the dems out just yet

steve benen digs around in the messy internals of the latest nytimes poll and finds some interesting tidbits:
as i've noted here before, polls have steadily shown that the public may not be buying the dems' central message -- that a vote for the gop is a vote for the bush policies that ran our economy into the ground. but that may be changing, if this finding buried in the internals of today's new york times poll can be believed:
if the republicans win control of congress in november do you think they will try to return to the economic policies of george w. bush or won't they try to return to the policies of george w. bush?

return to policies of george w. bush 47

won't return to george w. bush policies 36
that's not all. buried in the national journal poll last week was a finding that attracted no notice:
by a plurality of 45 percent to 33 percent, poll respondents were more likely to say that congressional republicans are offering an economic agenda similar to bush's than to say they are proposing something different.
why the shift? this is speculative. but my bet is that the shift is being driven by the debate over whether to extend the bush tax cuts, which has dominated the news in recent days. the unanimous republican support for extending the bush tax cuts, especially for the rich, may have focused public attention on the dem argument that republicans want nothing more than a return to bush policies.
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mad about radical verse

mad kane, that is!
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

skippy's late nite music club

ok...more eels.

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they killed off our progressive radio

in santa barbara.
in a surprise, overnight move, rincon broadcasting yanked progressive talk radio from its 1490 am channel on wednesday morning and replaced the left-leaning slate of programs with a spanish language music format. the move, which came a month or so after the call letters were changed from kist to kspe, was a financial decision, as progressive talk was not profitable. - sbindependent
this really sucks.

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russ feingold's


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anti-safety net candidate

living off her husband's federally provided safety net.
sharron angle, the queen of tea party extremism, may be the worst hypocrite in a political party that never fails to take hypocrisy to new levels. angle’s political positions are well documented: she wants to dismantle social security, medicare, unemployment insurance, and practically the entire social safety net, except when it applies to her. angle has no job of her own at the moment and is living off her husband ted angle’s federal pension. - liberaland
lying, crazy be-atch.

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are you anti-drilling in pennsylvania?

well...homeland security thinks you should be watched.
according to recently leaked documents, the pennsylvania office of homeland security has been tracking anti-gas drilling groups and their meetings — including a public screening of the film “gasland,” a documentary about the environmental hazards of natural gas drilling. - centre daily
where else are they tracking anti-drilling folks? makes you start wondering....

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skippy sez: read this blog!

our good buddy barry eisler has a new blog, heart of the matter.

barry, you'll remember, writes exciting political thrillers which also have definitively progressive statements embedded therein. readers of this space will recall our fondness for his previous works, inside out and faultline.

we are quite honored that barry has included a link to this humble space on his blogroll, and of course we are happy to reciprocate.

another interesting facet about barry's blog - his graciousness as mission statement:
a word on tone. at the risk of stating the obvious, no one's mind has ever been changed by an insult. calling your political opponents "mentally diseased" or "treasonous" or distorting their statements to fit your diatribe is a great way to sell books, speeches, talk shows, and movies -- that is, to make money, which is the real intent of professional polemicists. but that kind of nonsense never enlightens and it never persuades. let's not fall victim to it here.
of course, that sort of attitude would never work around here, but we are pleased that there are still adults in blogtopia, and yes, we coined that phrase!
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o'donnell catches delaware unaware

much to the chagrin of the sane, tea bagger chris o'donnell won the repubbblican primary for senator in delaware last nite. politico thinks (and perhaps rightly so) that this spells trouble for the gop:

the path to a republican senate takeover narrowed to the point of vanishing tuesday night, as marketing consultant christine o’donnell upset rep. mike castle in delaware’s senate primary and likely dashed the gop’s hopes of capturing the seat in the process.

though six other states and the district of columbia voted in primary elections tuesday night, the outcome in delaware had by far the most profound implications for the fall campaign. while castle was comfortably on track to capture vice president joe biden’s former senate seat, o’donnell will enter the general election at a wide disadvantage to the presumptive democratic nominee, new castle county executive chris coons.
as with all things probability, we turn to the expert, mr. nate silver @ 538:
so what does this mean as we head into november — and beyond?

there are some fairly tangible conclusions. for instance, ms. o’donnell’s win almost certainly reduces the possibility of a republican takeover of the senate. she could still defeat the democrat in the race, chris coons — as mr. castle could have lost to him. but on the basis of the polling (and here we are, thankfully, again on solid empirical ground) the republicans went from being extremely likely to win the race to extremely likely to lose it. they may now need to bring another state like connecticut or west virginia into play to have a decent chance of taking the senate; indeed, i would expect to hear a lot of chatter about opportunities like these, as the republican establishment seems ready to concede delaware.
nate still thinks the gop will take the house, unless the dems can somehow rally their base.

but o'donnell's nomination certainly throws a monkey-wrench into the senate-take-over plans of the gop. not that chris o'donnell won't go out fighting.
gop nominee chris o'donnell, from the movie batman and robin
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what did delaware? no open crotch underwear!

christine o'donnell, the newly-chosen repubbblican nominee for the senator from delaware (and tea bagger extreme) doesn't want you to touch yourself! tpmdc:
o'donnell, it seems, is opposed to masturbation, and considers looking at pornography akin to adultery. and back in the 90s, though the hair was different and joan osborne's 90's mainstay "one of us" played in the background, o'donnell maintained a similar stance: "the bible says that lust in your heart is committing adultery. you can't masturbate without lust!"
watch for yourself:

these are the nutjobs the baggers want to run our country.

addendum: go read the comments @ tmpdc. the commentors have the issue well in hand. truly stimulating.
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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

skippy's late nite music club

a teabagger wins big in delaware. sure feels like the end times are coming...

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tweets of the election evening

mike fogelsanger whisper1111 o'donnell wins the g... op spot

mike fogelsanger whisper1111 o'donnell hands down winner

mike fogelsanger whisper1111 exactly how many strokes did o'donnell beat castle by

(if you are not following this "whisper" guy on twitter...i highly recommend you do. he's hysterically funny)

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not insane

it's a sad day in reality when the firesign theater proves to have been prophetic in political satire.


we read in the comments on another blog (which we have since forgotten, forgive us, otherwise there would be a link) that the reason there's such an "enthusiasm gap" for dem voters this year is that the party's biggest selling point is that they are not repubbblicans, and therefore, not completely wackadoodle. if we can paraphrase the comment, "it's not much of a slogan to say 'vote democratic, we're not bat-shit crazy'."

of course, the policy wonks and the rabid centrists over @ balloon juice will happily point out all that obama has done for this country. unfortunately, very little of it resonates at a micro-level; that is to say, a family losing their house because nobody's had work for 2 years cares little about student loan program re-vamping.

the idea that obama has stopped the economy from going over the cliff may be true technically, but if the public perceives that we are still on the edge of the cliff, there's not much to cheer about.

and we would personally argue that any health care reform goals were met with the hard work of nancy pelosi, who did most of the heavy lifting, while it appeared that obama himself seemed to stand back and watch from a safe distance.

the problem, as we see it this fall, is that every possible chance they had, the democrats have waffled and folded and acquiesced and kow-towed to the repubbblicans, not once standing up for the middle class or regular americans.

there are, of course, several individual instances where one can say "hey, the dems did this or that" to counter this argument. but on the whole, the country still has over 10% unemployment thanks to a stimulus too small, the bush tax cuts are actively being considered for extension, the same economic brainiac trust (summers, geithner, bernanke) that got us into this mess is still steering the boat, and all for fear of offending the gop.

yes, the gop is bat shit crazy. and yes, incompetent is preferable to bat shit crazy. but if the democrats actually wanted people to be enthusiastic about their agenda, they might try actually having one. "not insane" just isn't good enough.

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Monday, September 13, 2010

pernicious, greedy and evil

you were wondering what pg&e stood for, weren't you?
state regulators will take their first look tuesday at a proposal backed by pacific gas & electric co. that would require customers to pay all costs of catastrophic fires, such as last week's gas line explosion in san bruno, that exceed a utility's insurance coverage. - sfgate
pg&e can just go cheney themselves.

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gingrich's dangerous psycho talk

"obama wants whitey's money"

the american prospect and rachel maddow believe it is "birtherism in big words"

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forget burning a book....

how about buying up all the copies of a book so it doesn't get read?

it's every author's dream – to write a book that's so sensationally popular it's impossible to find a copy in the shops, even as it keeps climbing up the bestseller lists.

and so it is for anthony shaffer, thanks to the pentagon's desire to buy up all 10,000 copies of the first printing of his new book, operation dark heart. and then pulp them.

the us defence department is scrambling to dispose of what threatens to be a highly embarrassing expose by the former intelligence officer of secret operations in afghanistan and pakistan, and of how the us military top brass missed the opportunity to win the war against the taliban.

the department of defence is in talks with st martin's press to purchase the entire first print run on the grounds of national security. - the guardian

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time for a blogging ethics panel

steve benen wonders aloud if the media will obsess, a la journolist, over the exact same thing happening on the right. ben smith:
in reporting a little item today on the many lists that flourish in journolist's wake, i ran across a curious thing: a daily caller staffer is among the members of one of them, a secret (which strikes me as misguided, but harmless) list of center-right foreign policy writers and thinkers called freedom mail.

the list is maintained by jamie kirchick and is, as i wrote, actually a secret.

"i know nothing of this 'list' you're talking about," kirchick e-mailed me, and i'm told an american spectator writer was expelled from the list for compromising its secrecy. (the writer declined to comment on the incident.)…
i was struck, though, by the affiliation of one participant: the daily caller's deputy editor jamie weinstein, who also weighed in on fox on the website's big journolist scoop, in which the website sought to tar a broad swath of outlets, including politico, as conspirators.

carlson e-mails that he was unaware of the list and his staffer's participation. "weird," he wrote. weinstein hasn't gotten back to me.
"weird" isn't the word that comes to our minds...
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trickle down, meet leg

give the rich a tax cut and it'll boost the economy, right?

not if they don't spend it:
and the wealthiest americans a tax cut and history suggests they will save the money rather than spend it.

tax cuts in 2001 and 2003 under president george w. bush were followed by increases in the saving rate among the rich, according to data from moody’s analytics inc. when taxes were raised under bill clinton, the saving rate fell.

the findings may weaken arguments by republicans and some democrats in congress who say allowing the bush-era tax cuts for the wealthiest americans to lapse will prompt them to reduce their spending, harming the economy. president barack obama wants to extend the cuts for individuals earning less than $200,000 and couples earning less than $250,000 while ending them for those who earn more.

“i would tend to wonder how much the tax cut actually influences spending behavior,” said chris cornell, an economist who mined government reports back to 1989 for west chester, pennsylvania-based moody’s analytics. “spending by the top 5 percent of households seems much more closely tied to business- cycle issues than it does to tax-cut issues.”
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Sunday, September 12, 2010

mudflats listens to sarah so you don't have to

mudflats, that wonderful alaskan blog, actually attended the 9/11 hootenanny yesterday to report back to us:
the remarks were off the cuff, and only one sentence in her five minute address referenced the tragedy of nine years earlier on 9/11 - never mentioning the towers, or the pentagon or flight 97 that crashed in shanksville, pennsylvania, or the loss of life, or the political fallout of the event here and around the world. instead we were treated to a hodge-podge of buzzwords and rambling sentences that came out half-formed and chasing their own tails.
pictures galore, so go take a gander.
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mad about apathy

mad kane, that is!
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

via crooks&liars, several folks are reporting that the repubbblicans are chompin' at the bit in anticipation of shutting down the gummint if & when they get a majority in either or both houses next november. bob cesca:
rep. lynn westmoreland (r-ga) has no problem shutting down the va in order to pursue this ridiculous republican government shut-down strategy:
westmoreland: if we hold the line, if we get those courageous men and women to be part of our majority. if we say look, the american people we’re listening to the american people, this is what we’re going to do. if government shuts down, we want you with us. we want you with us. we gotta have you because later on you all will call us and say look i didn’t get my check. daddy can’t go to the va. you know, the national parks are closed.
yep, the most vulnerable americans will really get nailed on this. seniors on social security and medicare, families on medicaid, veterans who need medical attention. all so the republicans can suck up to rush limbaugh and glenn beck. psychotic.
and think progress:
if republicans take back the house, westmoreland said, they would use their new majority to force a budget battle akin to the fight staged by former speaker newt gingrich with president clinton and shut down the federal government. westmoreland cautioned that he was fully aware that such a move would close down hospitals for veterans and shut down national parks. but, westmoreland argued that taking down the government is worth “the pain” because health reform and government programs are like a “gangrene” that “need to be cleaned out”:
westmoreland: if we hold the line, if we get those courageous men and women to be part of our majority. if we say look, the american people we’re listening to the american people, this is what we’re going to do. if government shuts down, we want you with us. we want you with us. we gotta have you because later on you all will call us and say look i didn’t get my check. daddy can’t go to the va. you know, the national parks are closed. we need to be sure that you are with us because let me tell you this, all americans need to understand. we need to understand this and i hope you can help share this analogy with people. just as when you talk about what is going to possibly happen, you know i was unfortunate to cut myself with a chainsaw. i don’t know how many of you have cut yourself with a chainsaw. chainsaw is not the cleanest instrument if you’re going to cut yourself. [...] he said this is going to sting a little bit and it hurt like crazy. but you know what, if he didn’t clean out that wound, it would have never healed. i would have got gangrene. i would have died from it. and what has happened with this country, we have put bandaids on things that need to be cleaned out. it’s going to take some pain for us to do the things that we need to do to right the ship.
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you can't send these jobs overseas

it's high time the republicans stopped blocking legislation that would put americans back to work. while unemployment is higher than when the stimulus bill was passed, a recent CBO report estimates that the stimulus kept the unemployment rate down by 1.8 percent and was behind an increase of 1.4 million jobs this year. the proposed infrastructure legislation would create even more jobs where they are most desperately needed: among the working class and middle class. this is a good bill. this is a bill in the mold of the wpa and eisenhower's highway bill.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

skippy's late night music club

a little hawaiian theme to the swing. who knew they could move grass skirts 8 to the bar?

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guess that mentally ill man in florida with all the threats

isn't aware that many of the first responders at the world trade center site on 9-11 were, in fact, muslims.

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that sad thing is

more people are freaking out over burning a book then they were over the torturing of human beings.

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Thursday, September 09, 2010

skippy's late night music club

speaking of gene krupa....who better to do "drum boogie?"

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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

goldman gets sucked of $31 mil

that's really a little drop in the bucket for all the hell they have wrought onto the worlds' economies.
goldman sachs group inc. agreed to pay a fine of nearly £20 million ($31 million) to the united kingdom's financial services authority and concede that the company made a mistake in regulatory disclosures about trader fabrice tourre, according to people familiar with the situation. - wsj
wonder if goldman is still expecting uber profits.

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