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Friday, August 13, 2010

stephanie...you go girl!

it's still difficult in these days to step out into the public and say that you are gay, especially in the entertainment business....even more so to do so on air. stephanie, known to us listeners as "mama" announced to us and her mooks that she, is in fact, "touched by the gay."

the words heard 'round the liberal media this morning. "i am a gay woman."

stephanie. you make my morning. you have made my morning for years. i have never cared who you bedded, it didn't make you funnier...nor less so. i admire your courage to come out on the air. in all honesty, i am releaved i don't have to battle you for those guys on our mutual "future husbands" list. although, i understand that i might have to do some mud wrestling with you over the fireman. but, fortunately, you can keep your boxed wine...i prefer mine in bottles.

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