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Sunday, August 15, 2010

environmental news stories sunday

'cuz you know they won't be talking about these on the talking heads shows...even christiane's.

railroads' guarded secret: not even hazmat teams are told what's on train. - trains carrying deadly chemicals rumble through our backyards every day, but railroad companies hauling them refuse to publicly disclose exactly what those substances are, or how often they travel through the area. ...local emergency workers, who would respond to a leak, spill or fire, have no knowledge of what's being transported on those cars until an accident happens.- elmira star gazette

states struggle to curb pollution by cruise ships. - in a single day, the epa estimates, passengers aboard a typical cruise ship will generate 21,000 gallons of sewage, one ton of garbage, 170,000 gallons of wastewater, and more than 25 pounds of batteries, fluorescent lights, medical wastes and expired chemicals - investigate west

doubts raised about future of gas drilling in many pa parks. - the breathtaking drop from the heights above loyalsock creek that gave worlds end state park its name might also be one of the few things that can save the popular camping, hiking and fishing destination in sullivan county from being the site of marcellus shale natural gas wells - scranton times tribune

decades-old jet fuel spill sparks water contamination fears in south bibb county. - a soil and groundwater cleanup at the site of a 30-year-old jet fuel spill in south bibb county has alerted neighbors for the first time to the water contamination in their community - macon telegraph

in the dark about white-nose syndrome. - all six of vermont’s cave-dwelling bat species have been attacked by white-nose syndrome. if the spread of white-nose continues, the u.s. geological survey projects that 25 species of hibernating bats in the united states could be in deep trouble, with several headed for extinction - barre montpelier times argus

heat records broken in 17 countries so far this year. - this year is a little more than half over, and already it is one for the climate record books. the number of countries that have set new national records for the warmest temperature recorded — 17 — would beat the old record of 14, provided that all of the new records are verified. - climate central

short circuit looms in minnesota's promising wind energy industry. - dan juhl, founder of juhl wind and a pioneer in minnesota's wind industry, needed to vent. his industry, which enjoyed record growth last year, is in danger of becoming becalmed due to congressional inaction. - st. paul pioneer express

dalai lama sounds alarm over global warming amid floods. - the dalai lama said global warming could be to blame for devastating flooding and mudslides across asia as he offered prayers on saturday for victims of the disasters - afp

russian wildfires threaten with radioactive smoke. - environmentalists warned this week that wildfires in russia were burning forests near chernobyl, sending radioactive smoke downwind. russian officials immediately denied that anyone was in danger, but a group of international scientists has been studying the risks and says the danger is real - npr

fires threaten russian nuclear site as smog returns. - amid the worst ever heatwave in its history, russia has for days battled to cut back hundreds of blazes across the country, including flames in a nature reserve near its top nuclear research centre in sarov, a town still closed to foreigners as in soviet times - afp

walkers send not-too-warm message to pollies on climate. - thousands of supporters of the annual walk against warming have wound their way through the streets of brisbane in a stark reminder that tackling climate change remains a key issue for the 2010 federal election. - brisbane times

cloned beef causing uproar in britain traced to wisconsin cow. - beef from a cloned cow from wisconsin is causing concern in britain even though the u.s. food and drug administration considers such beef safe, and doesn't regulate milk or meat from offspring of cloned animals nor require labeling - wilwaukee journal sentinal

paris becoming perfect place to pedal. - three years after launching a widely copied bike rental scheme, paris is stepping up efforts to turn itself into a bicycle-friendly capital on a par with cycling havens like amsterdam and berlin - reuters

former dollar tree employee sues for violation of fmla. - dollar tree inc. fired a merrimack man who managed some 16 stores in new england partly in retaliation for trying to protect the public from chinese merchandise contaminated with heavy metals like lead, according to a lawsuit that moved to federal court last week - new hampshire business review

bp oil claims: 'takes too long to get anything done'. - the press-register is following the experiences of oil spill victims seeking damage claims from bp - mobile press register

gov. bob riley, attorney general troy king trade jabs over bp lawsuits. -as attorney general troy kiing moves forward with litigation against bp, gov. bob riley is seeking to limit king's negotiating power in the landmark case - mobile press register

plan for canada-texas pipeline scrutinized. - a proposed pipeline that would ferry canadian crude oil to texas refineries has run afoul of the recharged federal push to protect minorities and the poor from an overburden of pollution - barre montpelier times argus

china mudslides were predicted 13 years ago. - thirteen years ago two chinese scientists published a paper warning that following “the destruction of the eco-system” in zhouqu, “a rainstorm will carry debris down the gully, destroying farmland, houses, roads, bridges, water facilities, and power systems and causing death and injury.” - christian science monitor

moscow 'hiding heatstroke cases' after death rate jumps. - doctors in moscow are being told not to diagnose heatstroke as a cause of death after a jump in the mortality rate during the heatwave, russia media say - bbc

lake mead's water level plunges as 11-year drought lingers. - lake mead, the enormous reservoir of colorado river water that hydrates arizona, nevada, california and northern mexico, is receding to a level not seen since it was first being filled in the 1930s, stoking existential fears about water supply in the parched southwest - greenwire

u.n. warns of second wave of pakistani flood deaths. - the united nations appealed on wednesday for $459 million in aid for flood-hit pakistan, warning of a second wave of death among sick, hungry survivors unless help arrived quickly - reuters

atrazine threatens public health like another agent orange. -when enough doctors and scientists came together and pored over mountains of studies not considered important by the epa, they discovered that agent orange was responsible for a wide variety of serious health conditions. this time the culprit has a new name: atrazine. - eureka times standard

massive damage to mangroves from mumbai oil spill. - the oil spill from msc chitra has caused massive damage to the 25-kilometer stretch of mangroves in and around the city, maharashtra environment secretary valsa nair singh said on friday - hindu india

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>railroads' guarded secret: not even hazmat teams are told what's on train.

Bartkid sez,
I live north of Minot, ND.
In 2002, a train derailed in Minot, releasing a toxic cloud of anhydrous ammonia. When the authorities tried contacting the local radio stations to broadcast an emergency alert, they spent hours trying to reach a live person. The stations were all Clear Channel-owned and on automated. They were lucky only one person died that day
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