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Sunday, August 08, 2010

environmental news stories sunday

more stories you probably won't hear the white middle age dudes talk about on the sunday morning yacking shows.

pollution reaches new high as smog smothers moscow. - a suffocating smog from wildfires hung over the russian capital on saturday, raising the concentration of dangerous pollutants to a new high as residents donned masks and dozens of flights were delayed at the city's airports - london independent

russians seek shelter as fires rage out of control. - pollution from peat and forest fires raging around moscow surged to new highs on saturday as muscovites continued to flee the choking smog that has shrouded the city. - london financial times

huge ice sheet breaks from greenland glacier. -a giant sheet of ice measuring 260 sq km has broken off a glacier in greenland, according to researchers at a us university - bbc

southern michigan faces long recovery after oil spill. - the kalamazoo river disaster is historic in its own right, even if it only registers a blip on the nation's radar, according to several officials at the center of the cleanup. - toledo blade

oil spill may choke river life for years: some animals rescued, but habitats' future bleak.- the oil spill in the kalamazoo river is expected to cause long-term damage to at least a 30-mile stretch of once pristine marshes, destroying habitat for resident geese, ducks, frogs, herons, muskrats and swans for possibly years to come. - detroit free press

where did jimmy carter's solar panels go? - it's been a long, strange trip for the 32 solar-thermal panels that captured energy on the roof of the white house more than 30 years ago - scientific american

dimmer view of earth.- when stanford climate scientist christopher field looks at visual feeds from a satellite monitoring deforestation in the amazon basin, he sees images streaked with white lines devoid of data. the satellite, landsat 7, is broken. and it's emblematic of the nation's battered satellite environmental monitoring program - contra costa times

the world's first really green oil deal. -ecuador's £3.6bn scheme to save its rainforest from exploitation could point the way to sparing other threatened landscapes - london independent

bbc says sorry to climategate unit for grilling by john humphrys. - corporation chiefs said the host of the Radio 4 flagship programme should not have accused researchers at the University of East Anglia of "distorting the debate about global warming to make the threat seem even more serious than they believed it to be. - london daily mail

health and gut bacteria: hard to stomach. - according to one recent study, a sugary, fat-laden western diet wreaks profound changes on children’s gut bacteria, and could even promote the risk of asthma, allergies and other inflammatory diseases - economist

green roof will sprout on arbor day foundation building. - on tuesday, workers will begin installing a "green roof" on the arbor day foundation's administrative building at 12th and p streets in lincoln, nebraska - lincoln journal star

gentlemen, start your solar. - a racetrack powered by solar energy? oh, how far the engine-whining, exhaust-fume-infused world of auto racing has come on the road to being green - philadelphia inquirer

how we eat, produce food could bring down society. - in a time when "super-sized" and "combo specials" are the way to order, it seems america will never face a food shortage. but a new book takes a hard look at how american habits – in farming, eating and treating the environment – could lead to a famine - all things considered

salmond eyes country's liquid asset. - those heavy rain clouds scotland is known for might well have a silver lining - literally. scottish ministers have held talks with scottish water about the prospect of selling scotland's main liquid asset - its abundant rainfall - to drought-stricken countries. - edinburgh scotsman

crystal river nuclear plant outage costs approach $250 million. - the outage at the crystal river nuclear plant has cost nearly a quarter of a billion dollars so far, and progress energy said friday it plans to ask the state for approval to have customers chip in for repairs - st. petersburg times

state records show many minnesota pipeline ruptures. - as the u.s. house transportation and infrastructure committee awaits federal data on enbridge pipeline spills, the news tribune has obtained records from the minnesota pollution control agency that show dozens of oil spills in northern minnesota over the past 30 years, dating back to when the company was duluth-based lakehead pipeline - deluth news tribune

green living: off the grid families pioneer sustainable energy lifestyles. - living "off the grid" can conjure fantasies of swiss family robinson-style ingenuity in paradise. or, for those with less love of roughing it, it can remind them of the hard self-reliance throughout much of the developing world, where millions cook over fires and bathe in streams. - christian science monitor

minerals service had a mandate to produce results. - for decades, washington and louisiana were joined in the quest for red-jacket days, and the minerals management agency was expected to provide them. washington got oil and royalty fees; louisiana got jobs; and the agency got frequent reminders of the need to keep both happy - nytimes

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All those global warming related stories and there still are people who pretend that it isn't a problem.
commented by Blogger libhom, 7:51 PM PDT  
The problem is that so many times these problems are met with people afraid for their jobs when the news gets out.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:15 AM PDT  

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