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Friday, July 23, 2010

skippy looks at books


hustlers and the idiot swarm by reverend manny:
“hustlers and the idiot swarm: a working class rant for a doomed civilization,” is a short, conversational history of just how our national political discourse got so dumb, who invested in that dumbification and who profited from it. more importantly, it examines how self-defeating an emotive, reactive political discourse is to the very voting populace whose needs are supposed to be prioritized by their democratically elected government.
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Whoa! This looks like a must read!
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 1:39 PM PDT  
Good timing! I think I'm gonna check it out. "just how our national political discourse got so dumb" sounds like a great read! Where can I buy this book?
commented by Anonymous Pole, 1:48 PM PDT  
you can find it here! http://reverendmanny.com/buy-my-book-hustlers-and-the-idiot-swarm/

and thanks so much skippy et all for featuring my little effort

one love, one struggle,
--reverend manny
commented by Anonymous Reverend Manny, 2:33 PM PDT  
Note how all of the faces resemble Rush Limbaugh's...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:50 PM PDT  
lol@ Rush Limbaugh comment... ahhahaha... it's funny, when the artist was getting the sketching into its full form we referred to the piece as "the marching Idiots"... every time I hear that phrase though I think of that song from Dumbo "pink elephants on parade" haha
hey folks, if anyone's interested in a short review, check out the following from Writechic Press


Much love, again, to skippy et al for the support
commented by Anonymous Reverend Manny, 2:48 PM PDT  

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