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Monday, July 26, 2010

rational people agree w/skippy: breitbart is an asshole!

greg sargent:
to make this point one more time, it's true that "both sides," to one degree or another, let their ideological and political preferences dictate some editorial decisions, such as what stories to pursue, how to approach them, who to interview, etc. but what's underappreciated is the degree to which the breitbart-fox axis goes far beyond this, openly employing techniques of political opposition researchers and operatives to drive the media narrative.

this simply has no equivalent on the left. the leading lefty media organizations have teams of reporters who -- even if they are to some degree ideologically motivated -- work to determine whether their material is accurate, fair, and generally based in reality before sharing it with readers and viewers. they just don't push info -- with no regard to whether it's true or not -- for the sole purpose of having maximum political impact. period.

this is an important difference that's critical to understanding the rapidly shifting landscape in the new-media age. if i ran the universe more media figures would come right out and say what the times hinted at today: no, both sides don't do it.
steve benen:
if context is irrelevant, and misleading editing is acceptable, breitbart appears to love al qaeda.
ej dionne:
the mainstream media and the obama administration must stop cowering before a right wing that has persistently forced its propaganda to be accepted as news by convincing traditional journalists that "fairness" requires treating extremist rants as "one side of the story." and there can be no more shilly-shallying about the fact that racial backlash politics is becoming an important component of the campaign against president obama and against progressives in this year's election.

the administration's response to the doctored video pushed by right-wing hit man andrew breitbart was shameful. the obsession with "protecting" the president turned out to be the least protective approach of all.

the obama team did not question, let alone challenge, the video. instead, it assumed that whatever narrative fox news might create mattered more than anything else, including the possible innocence of a human being outside the president's inner circle.

obama complained on abc's "good morning america" that agriculture secretary tom vilsack "jumped the gun, partly because we now live in this media culture where something goes up on youtube or a blog and everybody scrambles." but it's his own apparatus that turned "this media culture" into a false god.

yet the obama team was reacting to a reality: the bludgeoning of mainstream journalism into looking timorously over its right shoulder and believing that "balance" demands taking seriously whatever sludge the far right is pumping into the political waters.
brian stelter:
the “warfare” is happening partly in the conservative media, where mr. breitbart has shown an uncanny ability to play on the issue of race and have it amplified on news shows, talk shows and blogs. the sherrod episode is hardly the first charge of reverse racism that has been raised by conservative media figures, nor the first that mr. breitbart has had a hand in.

but it is an open question whether conservative media outlets risk damage to their credibility when obscure or misleading stories are blown out of proportion and when what amounts to political opposition research is presented as news.

jane hall, a communication professor at american university and a former contributor to fox news, said partisan media outlets “look for something that will get an audience and that will whip up people in some kind of frenzy, warranted or not.”

ms. hall said what ms. sherrod had endured was “classic propaganda.”
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The Rude Pundit had something to say about this. Of course, it's Rude.
commented by Blogger D., 4:02 PM PDT  
However, did you see that the Republicans just announced they are going to have none other than the lying, race-baiting Andrew Breitbart speak to them? The Daily Kos shows it: http://www.dailykos.com/storyonly/2010/7/26/887778/-RNC-fundraiser-to-feature-Andrew-Breitbart?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+dailykos%2Findex+%28Daily+Kos%29

Nearly unbelievable.


Mo Rage
the blog
commented by Blogger PFL0W, 6:44 PM PDT  
Remember, Breitbart has proudly referred to himself as "Matt Drudge's bitch." So even he thinks he's an asshole...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 7:38 PM PDT  
Good roundup, skippy!
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