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skippy the bush kangaroo

Sunday, July 18, 2010

owe less than $100....go to jail

senator franken is pissed that this is happening...and, he's good enough and smart enough to voice up his concerns...and, you know, people are going to like him even more.

federal regulators are looking into the growing use of arrest warrants in minnesota over unpaid debts, following a star tribune investigation and a letter calling attention to the practice from sen. al franken.

a staff attorney with the federal trade commission said thursday the agency is trying to determine why debtors are being jailed in this state, and if they have been notified properly of any debt collection claims made against them in court. the agency said it was responding to a letter sent by franken, which accused minnesota debt collection firms of “abusing the state court system to reap profits.” franken urged ftc chairman jon leibowitz to take “immediate enforcement action.” - al franken

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So amusing to see an intelligent senator that it is almost heartbreaking.
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