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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

happy blogiversary

to us, skippy the bush kangaroo!

long-time readers of this space may know that it has been our tradition to re-post our very first post on our blogiversary, for reasons known only to our faulty memory.

however, blogger has decided for some strange reason to cut all our archived months in half, so we are no longer able to access any july archive before about the 17th or so for each year.

thusly we are unable to re-create our first post, either out of memory or pixels. (blogger! you get what you pay for!)

either way, we've been at this blogging thing for about 8 years now, and have enjoyed every one of those years, save one.

a big thanks to our co-bloggers, a list of whom you can find in our left right-hand side bar. and a huge, huge thanks especially cookie jill.

a big thanks to all the folks to who link to us.

and a big thanks, as always, to you, our dear readers.
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Try setting your archives to weekly.I was having the same problem and that fixed it. posted by cjg of eroticalee
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 5:56 PM PDT  
Having recognized early on the potential for losing blog posts due to Blogger ass-hattery, I started creating all my blog posts in MS Word, where I can archive them in sequence. Cutting and pasting is not that big a deal, although I do have to strip out an awful lot of extraneous code. Even if Blogger removes (or blocks access to) Frieddogleg, the only thing I've lost is an Internet address.
commented by Blogger Phil, 6:32 PM PDT  
Which year was the unenjoyable one?
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 6:58 PM PDT  
lol, jim, i just said that to see if anyone was paying attention! they're all fun!
commented by Blogger skippy, 8:24 PM PDT  
commented by Blogger Distributorcap, 8:27 PM PDT  
Ahhhhh...Thanks Boss Roo! :-)
I am honored to hop along with the great Roo Crew!

But, geez...has it been that long?
commented by Blogger Cookie Jill, 8:38 PM PDT  
Thanks Skippy, Jim and Jill too! I appreciate you.
commented by Blogger Greendayman, 8:39 PM PDT  
Congrats pappy skippy old man!

YOu got two years on me, and don't look any worse for the wear. So I guess I can't quit yet!

commented by Blogger BradF, 8:54 PM PDT  
hat tip to you folks here bringing it in the spotlight & keepin' it real.

Keep on keepin' on
commented by Blogger Fran, 9:49 PM PDT  
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commented by Blogger Bustednuckles, 11:13 PM PDT  
thanks for blogtopia, and everything.
commented by Blogger mahakal, 11:19 PM PDT  
Oops, a fatal misspell.

Hey Skippy, Happy Blogiversary dude.
Thanks again for being the first big name blogger to link to my ornery little ass.
I read ya every day.
Thanks also to Jill and Jim.

commented by Blogger Bustednuckles, 11:21 PM PDT  
Congratulations! Mine is near the end of the month (5th).
commented by Blogger Batocchio, 11:37 PM PDT  
Big mazeltov, Skippy! All the best to you and the staff!
commented by Blogger Fixer, 2:25 AM PDT  
Eight years is really impressive. Congratulations! And my appreciation to all of your co-bloggers. (If you're the big roo, are they under-roos?)
commented by Blogger Sungold, 8:33 AM PDT  
And a big "thanks" for all you've done for us little guys.
commented by Blogger pygalgia, 8:44 AM PDT  
Wowee, a lot of us are coming up on 8! We should all get together in a couple years and have a big blowout once we reach double-digits. :) Happy belated blogiversary!
commented by Blogger Elayne, 11:40 AM PDT  
We totally re-baked (ahem, re-photoshopped) you a cake!
commented by Blogger The Sailor, 9:10 PM PDT  

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