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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

good news/bad news for tony hayward

there's some good news and bad news for tony hayward, who is being removed as ceo of british petroleum.

the good news is, he's getting a severance package of 18 million dollars.

the bad news is, he's being sent to siberia:
the bp oil spill saga has suddenly turned into a weird james bond thriller. according to media reports, bp ceo tony hayward has been exiled to siberia, where he will oversee tnk-bp, a joint venture between bp and a group of russian oil billionaires, one of whom boasts a name that even the most jaded hack screenwriter would likely think too lame to bestow on an evil master-villain: german khan.

even odder: hayward is being replaced as ceo by american-born robert dudley, a former amoco executive who reportedly had to flee russia in 2008 after a campaign of "sustained harrassment" made it impossible for him to effectively run tnk-bp.
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the bad news is, he's being sent to siberia:

What's so bad? He ain't going to a gulag.
commented by Blogger Fixer, 5:32 PM PDT  
18 million is chump change to BP.

BP is probably pissed off Hayward pouted off that they will pay restitution.... because lots of locals are saying they are not paying....
Plus how do they make things right with the 490 dead sea turtles, and the 2941 dead birds???
commented by Blogger Fran, 10:21 PM PDT  

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