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Sunday, July 18, 2010

environmental news stories sunday

yep. for those pesky little stories that won't be talked about on the talking head shows this morning.

the other oil spill. -the gusher in the gulf isn't the only "oil" fouling the sea. plastic trash, which is also petroleum-based, is plaguing the world's oceans in record amounts. most of us have heard of the great pacific garbage patch - but the north pacific isn't the only ocean with a plastic problem. - living on earth

failed safety device on deepwater horizon rig was modified in china. - the blow-out preventer – a crucial piece of the deepwater horizon rig's safety equipment – was overhauled in china at bp's request rather than in the us - london observer

joe the plumber (not that one) says he helped stop gulf oil spill leak. - a kansas man says he's the 'mystery plumber' who influenced the bp containment cap design that stopped the gulf oil spill leak. bp says joe caldart's sketch may have been one of many it's used. -christian science monitor

prozac pollution making shrimp reckless. - there's no happy ending for shrimp exposed to the mood-booster prozac, according to a new study. remnants of antidepressant drugs flushed into waterways worldwide are altering shrimp behavior and making them easier prey, experts say. - national geographic news

global temperatures rise to record levels. - the world is enduring the hottest year on record, according to a us national weather analysis, causing droughts worldwide and a concern for us farmers counting on another bumper year - reuters

sea-level rise will be worse for some, we just don’t know who. - the fact that oceans will rise in a warming world is well established, but depending on how wind patterns change, climate change could mean quick inundation or more beach space for different coastlines - wired

the flying prius. - the future of the passenger jet may look surprisingly like a larger version of the hybrid automobile. - newsweek

alaskan glacier detaches itself from seafloor, goes rogue. - an alaskan glacier has lost its footing with the seafloor and is floating in the ocean, new first-of-their-kind observations show. - christian science monitor

sunk in the easy cushion of habit. - plenty of us feel a bit of guilt but don't alter our behavior because it isn't convenient. we guzzle electricity as if it arrived by magic, not from polluting coal plants. and not even the massive disaster in the gulf, caused by our national thirst for oil, has made most of us change our ways. - charlotte observer

blumenauer demands that pentagon explain pentagon immunity deal. - u.s.. rep. earl blumenauer is demanding that the pentagon explain how war contractor kellogg, brown and root may have been granted immunity from harming any soldier or civilian in iraq. - portland oregonian

drought is bad news for anglers in scotland. - the worst summer drought in more than 30 years has dried up some of scotland's top salmon rivers, leading to unusually low catches and fish found with bellies rubbed raw by gravel - edinburgh scotsmans

which infant formulas contain secret toxic chemicals? - even though artificial human milk is regulated by the fda, researchers from the cdc found last year that a thyroid-affecting chemical used in rocket fuel contaminates 15 brands of powdered infant formula, including two that accounted for 87 percent of market share in 2000 - mother jones

hydrocarbons in cereal stoke new debate over food safety. - when kellogg co. pulled about 28 million cereal boxes from store shelves last month, the company said only that an "off-flavor and smell" could cause nausea and diarrhea. but the culprit behind the recall is a class of chemicals now making news in the gulf of mexico: hydrocarbons, a byproduct of oil - greenwire

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While reading over these articles, one thing is very clear. The nutrition needs of the young are totally contaminated and the FDA has not done squat to prevent the future poisoning of America's children.

I'm sorry if I offend anyone but the simple fact is that ADD was not known when I was a child 45 years ago.

Autism was unknown to me until about 1990.

Poison your children. Feel free.
An experiment in NJ of the umbilical cords of mothers showed that all cords contained the dangerous chemicals that the researchers were checking for with the latest chemical detectors.

The study on NJ umbilical cords was thrown out. Then they got umbilical cords from primitive societies and they didn't have the chemicals.

A recheck of umbilical cords from NJ mothers showed that all of the dangerous chemicals was present in every single umbilical cord.

Your genes are screwed. Please contribute to the FDA since they need a lot of help. A few hundred firings would accomplish a lot more.
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