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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Bad Timing Coincidence of the Day

Whatever else one might think about the "walled garden" approach to content and applications at Apple, at least it finally gives the lie to that assertion (beloved of excruciatingly dull cultural theorists and technofuturists wanting to put a bit of ersatz spice in their prognostications) that "porn is the driver of technological innovation".

The Torygraph (via The Book Bench):
Blonde and Wet, the Complete Story was ranked first on the iPad in a top 10 that included three other erotic novellas yesterday morning....

Experts said the market for pornographic fiction had been given a boost by the rise of the iPad and other e-readers.

Philip Stone, charts editor for The Bookseller magazine, told The Times: "The embarrassment factor of being caught reading something like that in print is not there. If it’s on your iPad then no one can tell what you’re reading. You could be reading Plato."

In fairness, I have to note that most of the iBook readers I see on the subway are reading Romance Novels.

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Wow... i live in bk, and these yupsers (new york term for yuppie hipsters) are walking all over the place with these robbery-magnets...

i've always wondered about that strange grin some of them have...

lol... great, but eerie find...

(does kind of explain why the subway floors are so sticky <---sorry, wasn't just gonna leave that punchline for someone else, lol)

one love (technological or otherwise),
--Reverend Manny
commented by Anonymous Reverend Manny, 8:37 AM PDT  
btw, love that this is labeled "market forces" ROTLFMAO... awesome
commented by Anonymous Reverend Manny, 8:39 AM PDT  

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