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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

sleestak tied w/toomey!

sleestak and supporters

from tpmdc:
the new survey of the pennsylvania senate race by public policy polling (d) shows a tied race between democratic rep. joe sleestak, who defeated incumbent sen. arlen specter in the dem primary after specter's switch from the republican party, and republican former rep. pat toomey.

the poll has sleestak and toomey at 41% each. the survey of registered voters has a ±4% margin of error. in the previous ppp survey, from all the way back in early april, toomey led sleestak by 42%-36%. the tpm poll average gives sleestak a narrow edge of 41.4%-40.9%.

the pollster's analysis suggests that the controversy involving the white house's past efforts to get sleestak to drop out of the democratic primary are not hurting the dems here -- but instead, the bigger problem for democrats is a more republican-friendly electorate than in 2008. both candidates are fairly unknown, with a 29%-28% favorable rating for sleestak and a 30%-28% favorable rating for toomey. but this polling group reports voting for john mccain by a 48%-47% margin in 2008, compared to the actual result of 55%-44% for obama

ppp's tom jensen writes: "these results seem to make it clear that the controversy about sleestak and the white house is not hurting him and that the race is now a pure tossup. democratic prospects are much brighter than they were when it still looked like arlen specter would be the nominee and this contest is likely to be one of the closest in the country right on through the fall."
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Pennsylvania is having a gubernatorial race as well, and the Republican candidate is the current Attorney General and who used his office to subpoena the identities of anonymous Twitterers for criticizing him.
commented by Blogger mahakal, 11:36 AM PDT  
Republicans sure know how to pick their state AGs, even the formerly sensible ones are losing their heads (e.g. Washington St AG Rob McKenna, previously so colorless as to make former Ca Gov Gray Davis look like a carnival carousel).

Somebody should have warned them about the 4-Way Windowpane dissolved in the wine punch at the reception at the National Rep AG Convention. Or something.
commented by Blogger Bruce Webb, 1:48 AM PDT  

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