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Sunday, June 13, 2010

skippy's sunday nite music club

watching the news....gives me the blues. and, the only way to get rid of them...is to listen to some dang fine blues such as the classic "wang dang doodle" with koko taylor and the blues harpist legend, little walter.

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Written by the great Willie Dixon, a pacifist.
commented by Blogger gmoke, 4:08 PM PDT  
Here's Willie preaching on peace with another of his blues:

commented by Blogger gmoke, 5:29 PM PDT  
Thanks Cookie Jill! I play blues harp and little Walter is one of my favorites. This was easy on the ears and Walter actually let me play a little - probably not to overshadow the great Koko Taylor. Gotta lovit.
commented by Blogger Greendayman, 3:30 PM PDT  

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