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Thursday, June 24, 2010

palin's got the midas touch, if by 'midas,' you mean she 'automatically destroys'

we also aren't sure why the mmm (multi-millionaire media) keep touting the former half-term governor's endorsement success rate (as if winning a primary is the same as winning an election), but it's good to know the rest of america sees thru ms. palin's fol-der-rol. greg sargent:
but the more interesting point to be made about palin is how toxic she's become among the broader electorate. in fact, buried in the internals of the new nbc/wall street journal poll is an amusing number: a majority see a palin endorsement as a clear negative.

the poll asked people how they'd respond if a congressional candidate had various hypothetical attributes. asked how they'd feel if a candidate were "endorsed by sarah palin," the response was....
enthusiastic about this attribute 8

comfortable with this attribute 17

have some reservations about this attribute 15

very uncomfortable with this attribute 37

so a majority, 52%, reacted negatively. and an astonishing 37 percent would be "very uncomfortable" about a palin endorsement, more than four times the eight percent who would be "enthusiastic" about it.

even better, there were only two attributes a candidate might have that were seen as worse than a palin endorsement: supporting bush's economic policies; and supporting the elimination of various federal agencies and/or social security.
but what about elimination of sarah palin?
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Hey can you say Deeds, Corzine, Coakley, and Specter real fast 10 times?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 4:49 PM PDT  
Eh, can you say Haley, Scott, Whitman, Fiorina real fast ten times? :)
elimination, you are evil .
She is exactly like Boy Blunder - it's the reverse Midas touch - everything she touches turns to shit.
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 6:18 PM PDT  
As in "everything she touches turns into a muffler?" That sort of Midas Touch?
commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 7:10 AM PDT  

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