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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

tea baggers: 0 for 5

the asspress tells us how badly the tea baggers did in yesterday's primaries:
with one race in ohio yet to be settled, tea party-backed challengers and other outsiders were shut out in competitive house and senate primaries across three states on tuesday, the busiest night so far in an election season of optimism for republicans.

while some of tuesday night's republican primary winners struggled to prevail — former indiana sen. dan coats' comeback bid advanced with 40 percent of the vote in a five-way race — the results renewed a debate about the clout of the insurgents in the remaining primaries and on elections this fall.
conversation 101 explains:
as i pointed out yesterday, there were 5 races that pitted nrcc/"establishment" candidates in republican primaries against tea party opponents - one senate race in indiana and four house primaries in indiana and ohio…

so how did those six anti-establishment candidates fare?

indiana – senate
dan coats (establishment) 39.4%
marlin stutzman (tea party:demint edition) 29.2%
john hostettler (tea party:unleaded) 22.6%

even when they had a chance to potentially make some noise, the purity testers shot themselves in the foot. jim demint endorsed stutzman as the "true conservative" in the race, ron paul and the libertarian wing of the tea party got behind hostettler, and they ate themselves.

indiana - house district 8
larry bucshon (establishment) 32.7%
kristi risk (tea party) 28.8%

i have to admit, i was hoping risk would pull this one off. she's quite a colorful character. she's like dianne weist's character in the bird cage - if she'd been given drugs by one of the drag queens.

indiana - house district 9
todd young (establishment alternative) 34.4%
travis hankins (tea party) 32.3%
mike sodrel (professional candidate) 30.4%

hankins shared indiana's values of "limited government, strong national defense and complete lack of irony." ok, i made the last one up. but it's better he loses now than gets to washington and realizes the government is our national defense.

ohio - house district 16
jim renacci (establishment) 49.1%
matt miller (tea party) 40.1%

in 2006, as a regula' old republican, miller pulled 42% in the general election against democrat ralph regula. yesterday, he couldn't get that much in a gop primary.

ohio - house district 18
bob gibbs (establishment) 21%
fred dailey (tea party) 20.7%
so, how's that new amerian revolution thingy workin' out for ya? (wink!)
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Pretty good actually. The more moderate GOP candidates winning now makes it far more likely that the GOP will have big gains in November.
commented by Blogger mw, 9:49 AM PDT  
Ohio 18 had 4 republican candidates three of them were teabaggers so the teabaggers actually got a majority of the primary vote.

I know unfortunately I live here.
commented by Blogger lawguy, 7:05 PM PDT  

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