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Sunday, May 30, 2010

environmental news story sunday

you might wonder why i haven't been mentioning the gulf disaster in my usual sunday environmental roundups. well, i think the "story" has caught the corporate media's imagination and they are all over it 24/7 with live "breaking news" events, etc. visuals + drama = good tv. the fact is, however, that no matter the deluge of coverage the bp eco-disaster is receiving, no one (or no one that i have heard) is asking the tough questions.

here in santa barbara i have been working on the campaign of das williams for state assembly. he has been, for years, asking some of these hard questions. he, himself, has given up some things to lesson his own oil need "footprint." he knows that we can't just shut down oil platforms "willy-nilly" but have to make plans to do so, safely. he has been working on alternative energy projects and on alternative transportation solutions. his opponent in the race, our current assembly member's wife, is slimming him with outrageous fliers and phone banking lies, especially in regards to santa barbara's history of oil spillage disaster. so, i guess another reason why i am not doing stories on the gulf oil gusher devastation is that i am in the middle of reliving the santa barbara's oily horror of 1969.

so...some homework for skippy readers. ask yourselves how much oil do you require in your daily lives? how will you wean yourselves from your dependency? and, most importantly, are you helping to get environmentally conscious politicians elected?

anyway...while the corporate media is fixated on the visuals of the oily underwater volcano of destruction, there are other stories of the environmental ilk. so...without further adieu.

is our demand for cheap food putting our health at risk? - at least 12 major diseases, which between them cause millions of people to suffer and tens of thousands to die around the world, can be blamed on factory farming, they claim. these include swine flu, bird flu, salmonella, e-coli and mad cow disease. - glasgow herald

relief as rains finally ease up. - the rain has stopped falling in flood stricken otago and hawkes bay, but the regions face a big, expensive cleanup and thousands of residents are on emergency water supply because many rural supplies have been shut down for fear of contamination by polluted floodwater - auckland new zealand herald

tainted chinese drywall concerns went unreported for two years. - a leading east coast homebuilder learned four years ago that the chinese-manufactured drywall it had installed in several florida homes was emitting foul odors, according to documents obtained by propublica and the sarasota herald-tribune. - propublica

west-side farmers clear water hurdle. - despite activist opposition, west valley farmers have cleared a key hurdle for a decadelong extension on the deadline to clean up tainted irrigation drainage going into the san joaquin river. - fresno bee

a special report on water: making farmers matter. - of all the activities that need water, far and away the thirstiest is farming - economist

a special report on water: enough is not enough. - if water has the capacity to enhance life, its absence has the capacity to make it miserable. water can dominate if not destroy lives, especially in poor countries. patients with water-related diseases fill half the hospital beds in the poorest countries, and dirty water and poor sanitation kill 5,000 children a day. - economist

gulf states face food crisis. - as populations expand while the amount of farmland and water supply shrinks, resource wars are expected to erupt across the middle east and africa in the decades ahead. - upi

split enviro groups ready to rumble over $11B water-bond referendum in california. - california environmental groups are split over whether to support an $11 billion water bond on the november ballot, setting up a family feud between activists who usually stand shoulder-to-shoulder against corporate interests. - greenwire

north-west england 'could reach drought status in weeks.' - much of northern england faces a drought within weeks, according to new figures published this week. the combination of recent high temperatures, one of the sunniest aprils in a century and five months of below-average rainfall is the reason, the environment agency said. - the guardian

melt zone. - greenland's meltwater lakes, formed atop its glaciers as they melt, are prone to draining unexpectedly and quickly. scientists have documented the draining of a two-square mile lake- more than 11 billion gallons of water- in just 84 minutes, flowing faster than niagara falls. - national geographic

china-india water shortage means coca-cola joins intel in fight. - many in india and china face a daily struggle with tainted or inadequate water. it also is pitting water-intensive businesses such as intel corp.’s china unit and bottling plants of coca-cola co. against growing urban use and the 1.6 billion people in china and india who rely on farming for a living - bloomberg

transcanada oil pipeline nearly ready for crude to flow to u.s. - a major oil pipeline between canada and the u.s. seemed like a pretty good idea five years ago. crude oil prices were rising as global demand increased dramatically. - st. louis post dispatch

maldives president calls for direct action over climate change. - president mohamed nasheed of the maldives told a hay festival audience that grassroots "street action" was needed to change the focus of the debate on climate change in the u.s. - the guardian

king coal and big oil are in big trouble. - the true cost of fossil fuels is getting harder to ignore. it's time to level the playing field for cleaner energy by redirecting federal energy subsidies away from coal and oil and toward renewable energy - ashville citizen times

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why aren't people being questioned about what they would be willing to give up to lessen our country's dependency upon oil?

Because Saint Ronnie taught us that capital-P Patriotism isn't about shared sacrifice or duty or even respect for the law and the republic -- Patriotism is all about shared illusions, just like the movies. And as long as we can maintain our illusions, we can go on just as we have been, squandering our patrimony for "convenience" and the illusion of personal importance, and so never have to acknowlege our gradual impoverishment.

Dick Cheney was most emphatic about this point: "The American Way Of Life is not negotiable."

fucking liberals and hippies, don't know what's important, always whining about the environment or the lives of brown people or soldiers or disasters, and talking about "sacrifice". That's Carter Sweater Malaise talk. It loses.

Duty is for losers, and taxes are for the little people, and sacrifice is for the poor, who have no choice in the matter. George W. Bush shirked his duties his whole damn life, and it worked out good for him, amiright?
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