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Sunday, May 16, 2010

environmental news story sunday

yes...there are other stories out there than the debacle in the gulf of mexico.

high lead levels hurt learning for dps kids. - more than half of the students tested in detroit public schools have a history of lead poisoning, which affects brain function for life, according to data compiled by city health and education officials.

the data also show, for the first time in detroit, a link between higher lead levels and poor academic performance. about 60% of dps students who performed below their grade level on 2008 standardized tests had elevated lead levels. - detroit free press

obesity, a chemical reaction?- studies are showing increasing evidence there may be a link between certain chemicals and obesity. a new study found overweight young girls had significantly higher levels of phthalates than the general population of children. phthalates are found in plastics and can be hormone disruptors. - latte times

30 years after mount st. helens blew, the volcano reveals its secrets. - at 8:32 a.m. may 18, 1980, a magnitude 5.1 earthquake triggered an enormous landslide. the world changed. fifty-seven people died in the eruption. devastation stretched for 230 square miles. ash circled the earth in 15 days, lowering global temperatures - portland oregonian

study links mobile phone use to brain tumours. - a major international study has found a link between mobile phone use and certain brain tumours. leading scientists have called for restrictions on children's access to mobiles. - edinburugh scotsman

lawmaker takes aim at epa rules in budget amendment. - a measure tucked into the state budget could prevent kansas from implementing dpa rules on greenhouse gases. - lawrence journal world

climate change link to lizard extinction. - climate change could wipe out 20% of the world's lizard species by 2080, according to a global-scale study. - bbc

surface mines could convert to solar. - former surface mine sites could become locations for solar power plants. - charleston gazette

scientists forecast decades of ash clouds. - the icelandic eruption that has caused misery for air travellers could be part of a surge in volcanic activity that will affect the whole of europe for decades, scientists have warned. - london times

river jordan, deep and wide once more? - jordan and israel are both building sewage treatment plants for the water that flows into the jordan river. friends of the earth warns that diverting this water for agricultural irrigation will cause the jordan to dry up by 2011 or increase its salinity, causing even more damage to the river's ecosystem - haaretz

town in search of water. - there's a sense of urgency in lexington mayor bobby mcguire's voice when he talks about efforts to find another water source for the town and its 1,000 customers - florence times daily

senators talk 'green' but votes say different. - alabama's two senators are calling for stronger protections against future oil spill disasters, but their votes on environmental issues in 2009 say something else, according to an environmental group that rates congressmen on their votes. - florence times daily

interactive map shows lead levels in detroit neighborhoods over time. - the points on the map identify the detroit public schools with the highest percentage of students with histories of lead poisoning. In these schools, 35% or more of the students have confirmed histories of high lead. - detroit free press

gulf spill impacts ecosystem services. - ecosystems like marshes and wetlands help filter water and protect land from storm surges. researchers have calculated the costs of damage from the spill in the gulf of mexico to these ecosystem services. - living on earth

nitrate remedies take time, money. - solving the groundwater problem will take imagination -- and a lot more money than the state is spending - riverside press enterprise

environment group plans to sue u.s. over oil permits. - u.s. interior secretary ken salazar improperly approved offshore oil operations in the gulf of mexico without regard to possible harm to marine mammals, an environmental group said on friday in a legal notice - reuters

mineral management service asleep at switch. - and now we know what the minerals management service does. or rather, didn't do. once again, we are in crisis because regulators didn't do their job. - scripps

silent spring water tests reveal contamination. - a study released this week by a newton breast cancer research foundation found traces of pharmaceuticals, personal care products and flame retardants, among other chemicals, in a majority of wells tested across cape cod. - cape code times

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