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Thursday, May 27, 2010


since skippy international is located in southern california, we are subjected to a barrage of repubbb primary candidate commericials all nite and day on our tvs.

apparently, according to carly fiorina, barbara boxer is solely repsonsible for the "big government." we didn't realize that one female senator was controlling the expansion of government reach for the past 28 years, but apparently that's the case.

but if we were carly's campaign manager, or at least her copywriter, we would have cautioned her against appearing on televison in her ads and saying these words:

carly is not served well by reminding the public about businesses being destroyed. it's well known that while running hewlett-packard, she cut over 18,000 jobs and evoked the wrath of both the hewlett and the packard heirs.
“i know a little bit about carly fiorina, having watched her almost destroy the company my grandfather founded. so, allow me to disillusion you of a few of your stated reasons for supporting her,” packard wrote.

“most business commentators consider fiorina's tenure at hp to be a disaster,” packard continued. “the stock price dropped by 50% only to rally 10% on the announcement of her firing. she fired 28,000 people before she herself was fired, departing with the 21 million dollar golden parachute that is financing her campaign.”
the board which fired her, but don't cry for carly fiorina (lloyd webber music swells). she exited with a $21 million golden parachute.

all of that definitely does not need to be brought up in the minds of the california voters, but we think carly's commercial does just that.

meanwhile, back at the governor's race, meg whitman is beating steve poizner in the polls, but still runs behind the dem's choice, an old guy from the 70's. seriously.

poizner and whitman's tv spots are numerous and actually are beginning to blend together. they both accuse each other of being more liberal; whitman sez poizner drives cars into houses, and supports partial-bush abortions. poizner sez meg whitman likes mexicans, and barack obama. (also, it doesn't help that steve's name sounds like he likes to poison people.)

it's unfortunate for meg that she's taken this tact, because she is alienating independent voters who might have otherwise considered voting for her, as opposed to jerry brown, who is even less relevant today than linda ronstadt. but whitman's constant use of "liberal" as a perjorative has completely turned off the skippy international field poll respondents (ie, mrs. skippy) who 100% agree that she they will not vote for meg, because of her nasty commercials.

in short, it looks like barbara boxer may have some work to do if she wants to keep her seat, but the california governorship may revert back to democratic hands for the first time since...well, since jerry brown, that ol' desperado.
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You are remarkably charitable; I cannot listen to Ms. Whitman's ads without yelling "Liar!" and radio-station-all-Eric-Clapton-all-the-time is overrun with Whitman's ads. Mr. Brown must be running a stealth campaign.

Barbara Boxer has been an effective Senator, and I will be happy to vote for her again.

Ms. Fiorina was a disaster at Hewlett Packard, and I don't think we need another politician in the career path of Bush the Younger, thank you very much.
commented by Blogger D., 11:06 PM PDT  
Since we get Prime Ticket out here I get to see the ads. I saw one of Whitman's and thought "If Poizner's as liberal as she claims, I'd vote for him!"

Ronstadt released a wonderful album a couple of years ago, full of Cajun music duets with Ann Savoy. You leave her out of it. ;)
commented by Blogger Linkmeister, 11:34 PM PDT  
So, Carly Fiorina is full of shit. What else is new?
commented by Blogger Phil, 1:29 PM PDT  
At least Meg seems to have dropped her "we've had enough of career politicians" line. Maybe one of her staff reminded her that Arnold Schwarzenegger is Governor.
"It's less government, Vote for me????"

These freaking less government goons, are now all whining that they need more government help
with the oil spill.

They all want less government, until the shit hits the fan, then they want more government.

Who ya gonna call Carly, when the state of california is on fire???
The less government hotline???

She kinda looks like one of those sheep in her demon sheep commercial.
commented by Blogger Fran, 3:51 PM PDT  
I like Jerry Brown most of the time and will vote for him gladly. Most of the time he's an actual progressive, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for most other top-tier California Dems.

A few years back JB decided he wanted to know more about biotechnology and its environmentalist critiques. He called the editor of a Berkeley environmental group's newspaper to ask questions. The questions he asked were intelligent and from a markedly progressive viewpoint. I know this because the editor he called was me.

I've had my serious differences with him, especially with regard to police crackdowns on demonstrations while he was mayor of Oakland. But he stands head and shoulders above almost any Democrat you can name when it comes to being an actual progressive.
commented by Blogger Chris Clarke, 7:54 PM PDT  

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