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Saturday, April 24, 2010

arizona's "immigration" law

will hopi and navajo police officers be able to stop anyone they think is in arizona illegally?


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The criminal decay is spreading and that is why the governor of Arizona, Jan Brewer has been forced by these circumstances to enact police actions. BECAUSE THE US GOVERNMENT REFUSES TO ENFORCE IMMIGRATION LAWS-- AMERICANS ARE CONFRONTED BY ALIEN CRIMINALS WHO’S ACTIVITIES ARE SPREADING NATIONWIDE. But read what this internal war is costing taxpayers, by not securing the dilapidated fence across the Southern border. Not the original Sen. Hunter fence as intended

Information about expenditures are available by applying Google and using keywords, such as “Illegal alien entitlements.” or words to that effect. Read more: http://dailycaller.com/2010/04/15/illegal-immigration-is-a-tax-dollar-drain/ Learn where your tax dollars are going?
Authored by Rep. Lamar Smith (R-TX) Lamar Smith is the Ranking Member of the House Judiciary Committee. Every country has a right to restrict foreign nationals from entering its sovereignty lands--no matter their country of origin? America has been infested with extremist groups that are stealing our--OUR--rights, freedoms and denouncing the US Constitution. Even the national press has been infiltrated by staunch Liberals, hiding behind the Democratic mantle.

The feds need to permanently install E-verify, that includes the 287 (G) empowerment of police to inquire of a person’s nationality. This has finally happened in Arizona, as the legal residents are sick and tired of subsidizing illegal immigrants. It is incessant battle of law enforcement in principle cities, throughout America fighting against the deadly encroachment of drug dealers.

Phoenix--where law abiding citizens are afraid to go out at night, home invasion robberies, multiple kidnapping, murder and sexual and violent assaults on every gender and children too are a daily occurrence. California--the Sanctuary State--for illegal alien’s welfare and protection is not any better in its constant battle against illegal immigrant crime. Hit and runs are a never ending activity by foreign nation getting intoxicated, leaving a trail of blood around this nation. Many prosecutors have their hands tied, or hide the truth. YEARS OF INDIFFERENT ADMINISTRATIONS ARE ENTIRELY TO BLAME. WE WILL FIGHT PRESIDENT OBAMA'S AMNESTY THAT GIVES A FREE PASS TO CITIZENSHIP OF ANY PERSON WHO VIOLATED OUR LAWS OF SOVEREIGNTY. WE WILL NEVER, EVER ALLOW THIS TO BE SIGNED INTO LAW. Learn the outrageous facts of passing AMNESTY, that our taxes will pay for at NumbersUSA
commented by Blogger Brittanicus, 4:32 PM PDT  
Oh, my.

"Britannicus?" Sounds like probable cause to me. Ship him back!!
commented by Blogger M. Bouffant, 4:53 PM PDT  
Take ALberto Gonzales and John Yoo and give them furrin'-looking clothes and no papers and turn them loose in Nogales.
commented by Blogger Chuck, 5:59 PM PDT  
Until we start seeing arrest warrants for executives at Goldman Sachs there is no one serious about cracking down on crime.
commented by Blogger George, 11:11 PM PDT  
great question, Skippy. Seems eminently fair, doesn't it?

And this could spread all over the country, too, I should think.

As it is, there are very white, very Conservative, very Republican and very Right Wing people in the Southern states who think this is THEIR country, dammit, and "we just don't want these damn illegals around here anymore."

Texas will be next. Count on it.

Mo Rage
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commented by Anonymous Anonymous, 9:26 AM PDT  
arizona can pass all the damn fool laws what they want to.

about 70% of their territory is in solid indian sovriegnity.

most of the tribes have spoken (with the notable exception of the toho o'odamm who make themselves some good ass federal money tracking folks down on the border) and said that this law won't mean jack shit on the rez.
commented by Blogger The Minstrel Boy, 8:45 PM PDT  
Given that native Americans were sequestered by Manifest Destiny, and that felonious crimes (i.e. illegal immigration)committed on Indian land fall under Federal jurisdiction, one could draw the conclusion that Indian law enforcement could arrest any ANGLO without proper documentation and thus further choke the Federal court dockets...Hmmmm there goes most metropolitan areas between the Ohio Valley and the Rockies...
commented by Blogger Concerned, 7:42 PM PDT  

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