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Sunday, March 21, 2010

we might be close

various sources are reporting that pro-life rep. bart stupak has agreed to vote 'yes' on today's hcr vote. steve benen:
reports: stupak says 'yes' to health care reform (or maybe not).... there has not yet been confirmation from the lawmaker himself, but msnbc is reporting that rep. bart stupak (d-mich.) will support the health care reform legislation today. if accurate, this would not only be a huge development, it might seal the deal and point to success. (see updates below)

reuters is reporting the same thing, as is the wall street journal.
democratic leaders have reached a deal with antiabortion democratic lawmakers aimed at winning votes from at least some of them, an aide said sunday.

the aide said a bloc of antiabortion lawmakers was set to vote "yes" on the bill. it wasn't immediately clear how many lawmakers would be won over by the deal or whether it included rep. bart stupak (d., mich.), the leader of the antiabortion democrats.

the abortion issue has been one of the final obstacles democratic leaders have been seeking to remove to win a 216-vote majority in the house for their health-overhaul bill.
but don't get your hopes up yet, kids. steve updates:
update: cnn is reportng that stupak is sitll a "no," and the democratic leadership has not yet said anything, either way.

second update: stupak told cnn's evan glass, "there is no deal yet. it's a work in progress. maybe we'll get there today."

third update: brian baird confirms that he's switching from "no" to "yes."
now, that's entertainment!
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It's a moot point. They don't need his vote to pass this thing.
commented by Blogger Demeur, 11:48 AM PDT  
Wonder what deal he got?

Do women who want reproductive services have to wear a big sign saying "Unclean" on their chest? 'Baby Killer' bumper stickers?

How far down that disgusting road did Pelosi and Hoyer go to appease this insipid goon?

Just another pious Catholic hypocrite.

The Catholic Church: where women are devils but little boys are angels.
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 12:20 PM PDT  
I'm personally hoping it was threats, not compromise, that flipped the Flop. Also hoping those threats are enacted anyway, as punishment for Stupid's tantrums.

And yes, I am the nephew of two Benedictine nuns (may they rest in peace) who would have completely shredded this hapless congress-critter from Michigan.
commented by Blogger Terrance, 12:44 PM PDT  
Put this goon in a room with a couple of nuns (School Sisters of Notre Dame order) and he'll be singing a different tune by lunchtime.

Back in the day - early 60's - Sister Mary Leroy would have had him begging for forgiveness in under a minute with just one of her glares.

Damn, now I got that woman's eyes stuck in my head.
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 1:18 PM PDT  

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