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Sunday, March 21, 2010

victory for brad blog

thx to the tireless efforts of our buddy the brad blog, the nytimes admits its errors and omissions in their coverage of the acorn pimp videos hoax:

even as the new york times once again misreported the acorn "pimp" hoax on its pages in a report on the community organization's possible declaration of bankruptcy in saturday's paper, their public editor (ombudsman) clark hoyt finally admits in his column tonight, for tomorrow's paper, that both he and the paper were "wrong" in their reports about rightwing dirty trickster james o'keefe's "pimp" costume, adding that "editors say they are considering a correction."

considering?! what exactly would be the hold up?

the paper and hoyt, as the brad blog has been detailing for nearly two months now, were out and out wrong in their reports about o'keefe, and what his highly-edited, heavily-overdubbed, secretly-taped videos misleadingly suggested to show, and in their failure to report exculpatory information, such as the refusal to release the unedited raw videos made by the rightwing propagandists, as well as the results of an investigation by ma's former attorney general [pdf] finding no "pattern of illegal conduct" by acorn employees as seen in the videos as published by the rightwing media mogul and fabulist andrew breitbart.
good going, brad blog! it shows what can be accomplished thru sheer persistence and will.
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Too late ACORN is bankrupt. All the truth out isn't going to change the damage. Rethuglicans won.
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