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Sunday, March 21, 2010

the twitterati

more twitterati:
@ezraklein: the gop's argument is 1) it's socialism and 2) it cuts medicare too much? so, too socialist and not socialist enough?
@peterdaou: critical for dems not to marginalize or minimize the profound frustration among progressive women over how #hcr has played out
@johnamussenson: to recap: tomorrow i have to fear ussr takeover, tentacles, and buy a chevy.
@everydaywitch if #hcr passes the government will monitor all twitter conversations.
@tzikeh: if #hcr passes, the flossing gestapo will make unannounced visits to citizens' homes #icanmakeupshittoo

@jgray515: hey gopers on c-span, imma let u finish, but i just wanted to let u know that goin to the hospital sucks right now, pass the bill! #hcr

@arrghpaine: arrogant is the claim that you can ignore the last national election (p.s. you lost)

@melodymuses: rep. louise slaughter is a bad ass. love her

@alexandervision congress members are starting to act like a group of grumpy kids who didn't get their nap.

curet1diabetes: live barn owl web cam http://bit.ly/94fl5o (if you need a diversion from #hcr)
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