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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

no speling alowed

via about.com, here are some reasons we have a hard time taking the tea baggers seriously as political thinkers:


"just extremey"? is that like "old-timey"?



that's gotta be from that monster movie, the amnetyville horror

and they wonder why we call them "tea baggers"
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I do not know what is sadder, me for checking to see if that was Crestwood, Ill. or what the sign says for the township of Crestwood.

Its pretty shitty what it says and what do you wanna bet Mayor Chester is a republican. If the last three letters were different I would have sworn I went to school with the mayor. Thank god for small favors, because the Chester I know was a little perve.
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The public option... must... breathe... ROFL. I suppose the question to that answer is, "french wax, or not?". Bwahahahah!

- Badtux the Amused Penguin
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