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Monday, March 29, 2010

a million a month?

what freakin' planet are you on...go get a freakin' job like the rest of us. try living a "lifestyle" based in reality...for a change.
jamie mccourt is seeking $988,845 a month to maintain a lifestyle including seven homes and private jets. - bloomberg

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For some reason, I thought, "Oh, the Angela's Ashes guy. Who actually died not that long ago.

But no.

Speaking of bringing marriage into disrepute: Not gays and lesbians, that's for sure.
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That's only $988,000 more than I live on a month. I can just imagine the pain and anguish of the struggle to keep afloat (in your yacht), of getting up in the morning and not knowing where your next meal (on the private jet) is coming from.

These folks have it rough.
commented by Blogger David Aquarius, 11:06 AM PDT  
But Frank locked her out of her office, so she can't go to work!
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