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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

happy 5 year blogiversary to....

yep. don't want to be tooting my own horn or rolling my own fondont, but cookiesinheaven the blog turns 5 years old today. that's a heck of a long time in blogtopia (y!sctp) years.

Emily's Birthday Cookies - Cupcake
Originally uploaded by SusieHazCakes.

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Mazel tov!

I'll go look. With my appetite.
commented by Blogger D., 8:54 AM PDT  
It is a very long time. Happy Blogiversary and congratulations, Cookie Jill.
commented by Blogger ZenYenta, 9:14 AM PDT  
Congrats Cookie Jill!

I'd have a cookie in yer honor but they make the beer taste funny.

Love what ya do honey, keep after it.

commented by Blogger Bustednuckles, 12:17 PM PDT  

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