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Sunday, March 21, 2010

a boehner for rap

john boehner doesn't get it...we can't believe he actually put this tweet out:
health care is not a right, it's a privilege for those who earn an honest living. if you gangbang&listen to rap all day you don't deserve it
gee, john, racist much?

(we originally put "dogwhistle much?" but there's nothing 'dogwhistle' about out-and-out racism!)

retraction: sorry, folks, blogdiva informs us that this tweet is from a fake boehner account.

we regret implying the minority whip would say something as disgusting as that w/o actual proof.

however, we do admit to enjoying being able to write the words "fake boehner."
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That's likely (and by likely, I mean I'm 99.9% certain) that twitter account for Boner is a fake. It's not verified, and it doesn't have thousands of followers.
commented by Blogger tas, 9:46 PM PDT  
He's such a sweet heart. One of these days a quote like that is going to catch up with him. There are a lot of peope exactly like him however. Conservatives just love to hate
commented by Blogger Craig, 9:47 PM PDT  
Yeah, I really, really don't want lazy ass do-nothings with infectious diseases getting free healthcare. Think of the example that would set. The additional cases of TB and flu and other illnesses will be a small price to pay for upholding our God-given standards.
commented by Blogger gmoke, 9:51 PM PDT  
That's definitely a fake Twitter account there. Might want to post a correction.
commented by Blogger mahakal, 9:53 PM PDT  
That's not a tweet from Boehner. His Twitter name is gopleader
commented by Blogger faboo mama, 9:53 PM PDT  
His real twitter account is http://twitter.com/GOPLeader. LIkely what most of his followers and supporters think, but i don't think he actually said it.
commented by Blogger estellevw, 9:55 PM PDT  
thx, folks, i retracted! i even apologized to the minority leader on twitter!
commented by Blogger skippy, 10:16 PM PDT  
It's nothing he hasn't thought. One of today's highlights was his apoplectic hypocrisy while speaking against the bill.

I'm watching it again right now -- it's priceless.
commented by Blogger K., 11:29 PM PDT  

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