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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

you know, lanny...s.t.f.u.

the d.l.c. wing of the party should look in the freakin' mirror.

lanny davis, a former white house counsel under president clinton, pens an op-ed in the wall street journal arguing that “the left” is to blame for the massachusetts results. “bottom line: we liberals need to reclaim the democratic party with the new democrat positions of bill clinton and the new politics/bipartisan aspirations of barack obama,” he writes. - think progress
it was arrogance that lost this past election.

it's the arrogance of certain members of the democratic party that showcased the reason why teddy's seat was lost. it was the arrogance to think it was a "slam dunk" to retain the seat. it was arrogance to think that young voters would turn out in droves like they did for obama. it was arrogance to think that the independent voters would automatically vote democratic. it was arrogance to think that everyone in ma loves their healthcare system and wants to see the same thing shoved down the country's throat. (oh, btw...they wanted a public option in the state, too....but no...couldn't actually have something in place that saved lives.) it was arrogance to try to push through the notion that the d.l.c. is the only legitimate wing of the democratic party. i, personally, belong to the paul wellstone wing.

we "liberals" have been trying to reclaim the party. clinton didn't have democratic positions a good portion of the time...may i remind you of two of the worst pieces of legislation rolled on in during the big dog's presidency. the telecommunications act and nafta. those were the furthest thing from democratic positions. they were corporatist positions.

so..lanny...take your lobbying big bucks self out of the corporate owned media spotlight and just s.t.f.u. so we can take back our party.

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Pitch perfect, Jill.

It doesn't matter whether it's Massachusetts, Virginia, California, Hawaii, or fill-in-the-blank: voters, be they left, right, or center, don't appreciate being taken for granted. I'm glad Scott Brown won -- he definitely earned that seat -- and though I don't think it's going to happen, given their track record over, oh, the last sixteen years, maybe now the Dems will start listening to the people who voted for them.

A crazy concept, I know. Perhaps it might even work. We don't know, though -- it's never really been tried...
commented by Blogger Jim Yeager, 9:30 AM PST  
Without saying anything positive about Scott Brown, the highest endorsement I could make for Martha Coakley was to encourage people not to vote for Republicans. I could not endorse a vote for her, I would not have voted for her. I would have stayed home. And Scott Brown would have deserved to win by default, as he did.
commented by Blogger mahakal, 9:44 AM PST  
yeah, hell yeah. I want my Party back from these pussies.

Mo Rage
The blog
commented by Blogger PFL0W, 10:05 AM PST  
It wasn't just arrogance. The Dems have forgotten why they are there and who put them there. Fight the fight the right way and even if you lose you'll gain support. The people would rather have strong "bad" government than bungling "good" government. And as much as we can blame BushCo for pushing thru the first bailout, it was the Democrat's Senate that got it through. It's odd that you don't hear the Dems crowing about the reversal of the DOW and that they've salvaged many many many 401Ks. It's something I guess. Though when you no longer have a job or a home or are struggling to hang on to one or both of those, that's not something you want to hear as you see these fuckers who have demolished your world walking away not only unpunished, but richer for their efforts thanks to the elected who were given the directive of CHANGE as their mandate. The Democratic Party isn't solely responsible for Coakley -- there was a primary, she won handily. Sure, the Party fucked up enough to disgust the voters. But the voters decided to walk away instead of owning up to the debacle they themselves have created.

Health Care should never have been the number one issue. And trust me when I say I need this reform like no one's business. It should be jobs, dealing with the banks, housing, jobs, reform, jobs, and stringing up the people that got us in this mess.
commented by Anonymous sean, 12:13 PM PST  
Hate to say it, Jill.

I agree with Lanny, up to a point.
commented by Blogger Carl, 2:14 PM PST  
Sean. The people who got us in this mess ARE the Democrats. Remember, they've controlled Congress for three years, now. The mortgage collapse that led to the Wall Street debacle of '08 has to be laid at the feet of Barney Frank et al. Trying to villify President Bush at every turn starts to sound looney when you relize he was pretty much neutalized in '07 and '08.
commented by Anonymous Beaker, 8:24 AM PST  

Three years huh? One half of one branch of government and you think the Dems ruined the country?

The problem with the banks was going on long long before '07. The housing markets were already showing significant signs of collapse in 05 and 06. Actually, before I waste my time trying to correct red-tinted revisionist history, why don't you just do a simple google search on old articles of the time "When will the housing bubble burst."
commented by Anonymous sean, 8:46 AM PST  

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